Gamestation to be sacrificed as new company emerges from GAME's ashes

One way or another, GAME as we know it has GONE, and will be replaced by something entirely different on Monday. MCV has learnt today that GAME management this afternoon presented suppliers with four possible outcomes for the company. The conclusion follows a period of consultation between a hired financial specialist and GAME's key suppliers.

The first option is a refinancing of the current company, as would be the desire of current bidders OpCapita. However, this conclusion has been ruled out entirely, MCV can reveal.

UPDATE: GAME has contacted MCV to stress two points. One, that a supplier meeting did not take place this afternoon. Indeed, having spoken again with our sources it seems that these meeting have been ongoing since last Friday.

Secondly, GAME wants to make it clear that it challenges “many of the claims in this article”, although it would not be drawn on specifically which claims it is referring to.

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