Battlefield 3 Players Report New Playlist Changes on Consoles Since Latest Update

MP1st - According to incoming reports from Battlefield 3 console players, a playlist updates have been added to the Battlefield 3 server browser.

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scrambles2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Finally! i dont have to quit every time metro, grand bazaar, seine crossing, damavande peak, tehran highway or any of the 3 flag B2K maps come up. This is a great day.

Plus i wont have to search for 5 flag B2K maps anymore

zeeshan2407d ago

I need help with something. I don't understand why it happens but it happens more often than not. Some times, say, when I am playing the Back to Karkand maps, it keeps rotating those maps. Sometimes, Assault Conquest comes with vehicles, sometimes not. Then sometimes, Tehran Highway and some other maps keeps repeating. I know there is no map voting (which is totally stupid of DICE) but, does anyone know how we can avoid this?

scrambles2407d ago

Try deleting B2K/the previous patch and redownloading it or wait for the new patch to come then see if it gets fixed.

Thats my only idea that could possibly fix it

Hufandpuf2407d ago

a voting system would totally eliminate some maps from being played. I get annoyed seeing BF2 servers only running certain maps sometimes. They're fun to play, but a lot of the other maps are essentially deserted in terms of players.