Rockstar Games…will we see "Agent" before Next-Gen? Where is Agent?

SchollA from Console ControlUs pronounced control-us writes:

You got to love Rockstar…

Rockstar is very tight-lipped — shoo, their “king” tight-lipped. I actually like it though — how they move to the “beat of their own drum”, release news when they want to release news, put out games when they want to put out games and show up when they want to show up.

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Daver2496d ago

Speaking of Agent, what happened to the game that was teased with a small lizard on a rock? and the wardevil game?

Dark_Overlord2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Wardevil is no more, they stopped development of it ages ago. I'll see if I can find the article

EDIT - Found it

Daver2496d ago

oh thats too bad, Thanks for the info tho.

Any idea of the other? all i remember it was a little lizard pink and blue i think he was walking on a rock. loll i know it dosnt say much

Dark_Overlord2496d ago

Sorry, I'm not sure what game you mean

stonecold32497d ago

might be shown at e3 2012 for ps3

LOGICWINS2496d ago

Same thing was said last year.

solidworm2496d ago

Lol i forgot about this. Probably just a dream some idiot at Sony had.

TukkerIntensity2496d ago

It probably wouldn't be good even if it does come out. Games that seem to get delayed this long and then come out often feel dated (duh).

MizTv2496d ago

i can wait till its done so many games to play right now and for a time to come

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The story is too old to be commented.