Kinect Star Wars demo confirmed

Speaking to product manager "Glenn Gregory" at a Kinect Star Wars event held in London recently there was talk about an Xbox Live demo.

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Noticeably_FAT2497d ago

Sweet! Looking forward to playing it.

I downloaded the Kinect Rush demo today and that was actually fun, quite short but very fun. I recommend it highly to fans of Pixar movies.

Just a little FYI, Kinect Rush isn't on rails at all, you totally control the character and determine his direction.

mcstorm2497d ago

Sounds good its starting to look like the developers are starting to use the kinect tech 18 months after release just like ms said they would. Ok its not a so called core game but it is not what games are about as games are meant to be fun and i think that is what rush and starwars will be.

Godmars2902497d ago

Games aren't about $150 add-on either. Or whatever Kinect goes for these days.

IM_KINECTED2497d ago

Games are about games, it doesn't matter if its with Kinect, Move, Wii or 3DS. A game is a game and just because you might not like a particular idea like Kinect, doesn't mean its bad or wrong.

Godmars2902497d ago

While you're not wrong, you're still talking about something that was shown off two years before its official release, its potential talked up to no end, yet as has already been pointed out its now 18 months after the fact and outside brand name power, Star Wars and Sesame Street, rather than any realized potential is being used in attempt to sell it.

2497d ago
h311rais3r2497d ago

I was a hater till I saw full preview. Looks decent