MediaKick Review - Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

MediaKick: "Capcom’s willingness to experiment with Resident Evil franchise might be the only scary thing left about the survival horror great. One day it’s a gun totting’ point-chaser in which you slaughter the locals in the hopes of topping your last score, another day it’s an on-rails light gun shooter. Occasionally it’s a blockbuster movie in which Milla Jovovich kicks zombie butt in slow motion, guts and brains flying out of the silver screen in overly generous uses of 3D. Today it’s a squad-based shooter, hardly a daring departure from the existing formula or for its developer Slant Six Games who have cut their teeth on Sony’s SOCOM series but one that proves to be yet another of the franchise’s hazardous missteps."

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Young_ART2496d ago

A "c" minus is still a passing grade, therefore I will pick this up and try it , but also put the receipt in a safe place in case i do not enjoy the gaming experience.