Ninja Gaiden III - is aimed at the mainstream gamer

With Ninja Gaiden III arriving this week for all, it's clear the game isn't the same as its predecessors in terms of depth and unforgiving gameplay. Ninja Gaiden III is very much a mainstream game to suit our current times.

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Sanetoshi3035d ago

I can certainly see why they'd make the transition, though whether it succeeded in bringing in the expanded audience it wanted I'm not yet sure. Still, even if the transition is justified, that doesn't really negate the complaints. Like, I sympathize with the complaints even if I think Tecmo Koei shouldn't really listen to them.

dark-hollow3035d ago

And the mainstream gamers doesn't give a f**k about ninja gaiden.

Way to screw your original fans....

tehpees33035d ago

I understand why they would do it. A faithful fanbase is a nice thing to have since it gets instant sales in a certain category. But its a set category that it appeals to. In this case the hardcore fans that play the game to push their skills on it.

Expanding it to other gamers could generate more sales but counting out the people that love the game and dedicate their time to it seems a bit harsh. I'm wondering though because they said the difficulty wouldn't come down in this game.

BinaryMind3035d ago

The major appeal to Ninja Gaiden has always been its Hardcore focus. When Team Ninja decided to go entirely against what has always worked for the series, it was bound to blow up in their face. And the sales will show it.

bunt-custardly3035d ago

I would have liked to have hacked my enemies away limb by limb, but so long as that core gameplay for the most is intact, and I can still feel like bad ass ninja, then I'm game.

All I would expect is an optional Insane difficulty and achievement to compliment for those fans to showcase how bad ass they really are.

morganfell3035d ago

You do feel like a complete badass. Personally so far today I feel like more of a death machine than any other Ninja Gaiden game and I own and have played them all. All of them. However, I hate cutting someone 8-9 times and though the blood is flying and I have the sharpest blade in the history of swordsmanship, I can't remove a limb.

They also seem to have replaced the Izuna Drop with another move, equally wicked, or else my timing hasn't adjusted to the new mechanics. I picked up the strategy guide and haven't cracked it yet so I need to check out the techniques.

I love doing the Flying Swallow Technique and decapitating a guy in one shot. So far...not here. That said, the camera is completely unique and it feels a lot more violent than past titles and you are definitely more in the middle of matters.

The QTE complaints do not seem valid. I am playing on Hard - it seems I have to beat that to unlock a higher setting - and the QTEs pop up at first then are no longer there after a use or two. The only cases are a few incidents - the second time I jumped from a ledge in London - after the first silent kill - the dodge QTE shows up again along with the aerial kill. Light attack often appears when you have a blade buried in someone and are pull cutting though this too has disappeared now and I simply perform the move without prompt.

After a use or two it seems as if instructions are only appearing if I ignored them. For example rather than deflecting some shots I was just Wind Running and dodging and it kept reminding me to use L1 to block. That's not a QTE, just a mechanic instruction. On hard those rocket launcher guys are showing up 3 - 4 at a time and their rockets do no harm to their own guys.

RaidensRising3035d ago

The choices are probably pretty hard nosed. Either have no more Ninja Gaiden games or change them to be more welcoming. This is what's happened and it's the hardcore fans being most vocal and most upset.

NYC_Gamer3035d ago

Always knew NG3 would take a more casual approach since Itagaki left

ShaunCameron3035d ago

But where's the easy mode option? I'm watching a NG3 walkthrough and all I see are NORMAL, HARD, and HERO modes. It seems that the only thing casual about NG3 is it not being completely over-the-top.

Shivan3035d ago

this is what gamers want. globalization, making everything mainstream

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