Giving up on professional games writing

An aspiring games journalist gives up his 15-year dream of making it to the “pros”.

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THR1LLHOUSE2402d ago

this is for everyone:

If the advice people are giving you is "Don't even try", it doesn't mean give up. It means try harder.

And get advice from someone else.

Shivan2402d ago

most people should give up

h311rais3r2402d ago

Lol like Jim sterling and IGN! Half the games they say suck are good. Ninja gaiden 3 is no 3/10 a 7.5 Atleast. It no ninja gaiden black or 2 but it's still fun...and raccoon city is good and same with kid Icarus. Then there is COD...they praise it for doing things they bitch about with every other game. "ninja gaiden 3 looks aweful" yet it looks better than 2! And mw3 looks like mw1 and it's praised like its a revolution...

SnakeCQC2402d ago

its all preference which is very subjective which is why you should read different reviews to see if the game in question has any redeeming qualities and at the very least rent that game that you have deemed a maybe to see if its any good anmy then pick it up if you like it (or haven't completed within the rental lol) ps i don't recall anyone ever saying any cod game looked good

RastafariPrime2402d ago

Tell this dude to take me for a good example. I'm 14, and run, edit, and write majority of my gaming articles at Now this isn't my BIG BREAK! or anything, but hey! It's a good foundation to learn my way. And I've gathered a bit of attention from the whole thing too. -RP

RastafariPrime2402d ago

Read this wrong, nevermind. Have fun looking for another job, dude.

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