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The weather's getting warmer as winter's chill melts away into a sunny spring, beckoning us all to step outside into the light and explore the world outside. But who cares about that? The indoors call to us all the more with the wealth of great games set to be released in the months ahead. So take in our newest infographic, The Biggest Games of Spring 2012, and prepare yourself for a continued stay inside and away from all that sunlight.

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Relientk772403d ago

Already pre-ordered Xenoblade Chronicles

will be picking up Diablo III as well, cant wait for it.

spektical2403d ago

diablo 3 is a most def buy, especially how you can sell items in the store for real moneys!

starhawk is a maybe. we shall see.

Daver2403d ago

I agree with you, Diablo 3 is a must buy but not for that reason... Store with real money is what will ruin the game

NeoTribe2401d ago

Nah the auction house isn't a bad idea. If u played diablo2 you know that nomatter wut people are selling items on ebay or there own sites. They would have bots spamming rooms constantly advertising there site and items. Atleast now it will be done legitely and u won't have these annoying people spamming rooms. In a nutshell if they didn't include the auction house people would take it upon themselves to sell items in a very ''in your face, annoying, game ruining way.

Daver2401d ago


They could have tried to remove those bots doing something else. and about items now people will get items with their money. Im not saying some didnt already but Im sure a lot of people didnt do so because they fear things from those sites like credit card number and things like that. Now its only more accessible to people so more people will take advantage of it.

Lets see who will won this duel well I guess the guy who spent more money...

spektical2402d ago

^ idk about that. its going to make profit to people who play the game a lot, and its a sure way to keep people engaged.

Daver2403d ago

For me its Diablo 3 and Darksiders 2 and future soldier and probably some PSN titles. I might get Max Payne but not sure yet i need to see a bit more.