NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Review Out – Dethrones the HD 7970, Edges Out the GTX 590 in Most Benchmarks

Toms Hardware posted a review of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 which shows that the card not only outperforms the HD7970 but also the GTX 590 which is NVIDIA’s current flagship dual chip GPU based on the Fermi Core featuring outstanding performance/watt and at a retail price similar to its competitors. The card officially launches on March 22nd for a retail price of $549 while Fudzilla reports a price of $499 which is pretty nice to hear.

Tomshardware has removed the article maybe due to NDA with NVIDIA!

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NYC_Gamer2500d ago

Wow,the 680 is even beating the 590 which is a dual gpu.

Letros2500d ago

170% more performance per watt compared to the 580, bring on the green monster known as the GTX 690 Nvidia, our power bills can handle it!

Pain_Killer2500d ago

The site just posted this:

Update 2: Updated with 2560×1600 Res Benchmarks, GTX 680 still strong with a VRAM of 2GB!

Now this is pretty amazing that GTX 680 with its 2GB Vram still edges past the HD7970 3GB and performance almost near the dual chip flagship parts which are 4GB+ monsters.

NVIDIA has Winrar!

Fudzilla also reporting that the card would be priced at $499.

NYC_Gamer2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

AMD should be ashamed of themselves.This card was supposed to be mid range until Nvidia said why bother releasing the real 680 when the 670 could edge out the 7970.

adorie2500d ago

499??! I may sell 4 cards I have and pick up 2 of these, but I am holding off till I see how the next one will perform

Dude4202499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the reason behind the 3GB in the AMD card is because of Eyefinity where you can go up to 5760x1080 and I'm sure beyond that as well.

If a game uses 2GB from the GTX 680, then it will use 2GB from the 7970.

Edit: Looking at the benchmarks, the GTX 680 doesn't necessarily blow away the 7970, however AMD is going to have to drop the price if that's the target cost for the GTX 680.

ATi_Elite2499d ago

Your correct AMD has 6 screen Eyefinity support from just one card!

Nvidia finally has 3 screen support from one card. (that i know of)

AMD will slash the prices to undercut Nvidia upon the GTX680 release. AMD prices were high cause supplies were limited but they are now in full production mode.

Just looking at Metro 2033 and BF3 benchmarks.........both cards are BEAST so it really doesn't matter unless you like the 2 or 3 games that minimally use Nvidia's Physx or you do [email protected] in which Nvidia is way better.

I have already taken advantage of falling prices! I got two HD6950's and unlocked them to HD6970's for under $500 and now have more power than a HD7970 or a GTX680!

My GTX560ti SLI is still strong so I'm good for another year!

If your in the market to upgrade go for it but don't overlook SLI/CFX options as a way to stay ahead of the curve and save money!

save money to buy more games!

CryWolf2499d ago

Why hasn't MS pick this card up just to see how the games performances or at lease do some research about Nvidia new Kepler cards see about Next-Gen graphics on there Xbox 720 or Next-Gen Xbox, because Nvidia graphics cards are meant for gamers not like ATI Radeon cards that are meant for mid-range gaming.

steve30x2499d ago

Because the heat output of such a GPU is too high for a console.

Kakkoii2499d ago

The heat output of this series of Nvidia GPU is lower than the ATI counterparts. Fairly lower. I know, surprising, but it's the truth.

steve30x2498d ago

You obviously havent seen proper reviews then because the heat is still high with this GPU

I see 75 celcius and higher which is too high for a conmsole to handle

gamernova2499d ago

K.O! Nvidia for the win!!!

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