Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Review (PopBucket)

It's been a bumper year for Resident Evil fans, with the well received Revelations out a couple months ago and the 6th installment of the main franchise out in November. General opinion on those two games are polarised with the contrast between a traditional and modern style of gameplay, Revelations having received positive attention from the first unveiling. So with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, the most different type of game the series has ever seen, is it a worthy addition to the classic franchise, or a mediocre game re-skinned in familiar Resi stylings to boost sales?

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Tokyo_reject2429d ago

Havent played yet cause I cant, but there's only one thing i want to know. Im not looking for someone who started playing Resident Evil titles when RE4 came, I want someone who has played RE Directors cut when only RE 1 and 0 were out, a TRUE RE fan who will even play resident evil gaiden and like it. That being said....What do you think about this game?????