Portal 2 50% off on Steam

"Grab the fantastic Portal 2 for £7.49 today on Steam, with 50% off you’d be stupid not to."

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Moncole3026d ago

Great deal. Portal 2 got cheap on Steam, now the regular price is 20$.

Perjoss3026d ago

fantastic deal, but doesn't everyone on the planet already own this game?

exsturminator013026d ago

Well, to anyone who doesn't have it yet: buy it now. This is an excellent game =D

Mythicninja3026d ago

I don't have the game, or the original. On a side note, including the price on title would be a lot more helpful than what percent off it is

PandaJenkins3026d ago

Some games on steam get their prices changed depending on the region. So percentage makes sense.