Download DS games on Wii

Nintendo set to offer full DS games for download via Wii

US Nintendo DS owners will soon be able to download DS games through their Wii, Nintendo US boss Reggie Fils-Amie has told the New York Times.

The service will offer both complete games and demos, which will be directly downloaded to Wii via broadband, then wirelessly transmitted to DS.

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Darkiewonder4031d ago

GBA Slot Flash Cartridge [or something to insert a black SD card] because full games?! that's my only guess if they are doing that.

pwnsause4031d ago

mhh, I guess we will see the virtual console soon on the wii, yea we will possibly see a GBA flash Cartridge, that would make me think positive about the wii on it not being a fad.

DiLeCtioN4031d ago

its good to have top handhelds like ds and psp

Eamon4031d ago

Do you stream the games off the Wii onto the DS

or is it actual downloading.

I bet they are gonna sell blank 1gb or 512mb DS Slot-1 Cartriges then sell the games cheap on Wii Shop Channel. But this is good.


KidMakeshift4031d ago

I'm still waiting for the option to play VC games on the DS. It can't be that hard to format a VC game to play off a SD card.

brodels4031d ago

yea this is pretty sweet... and hopefully they make a flash cart for the DS so I can hold all my VC games on it. that'd be even more SWEEEEET

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The story is too old to be commented.