Confirmed: Amazon offering refunds to dissatisfied ‘Mass Effect 3′ customers

VGW: A recent post on the Bioware forums discusses a gamer who was unsatisfied with the ending and the general experience of Mass Effect 3, and was issued a full refund from, despite the game being opened. Other sites have reported this, but did anyone go direcly to Amazon?

Being slightly skeptical, we decided to contact Amazon directly for the real scoop.

[Traffic took site down, should be up within a few minutes]

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Noticeably_FAT3031d ago

I seriously doubt very many people take advantage of this. I got a ton of games that had bad endings, doesn't mean I can take them back to the store...smh.

contra1573031d ago

Glad to hear amazon is taking refunds for biowares latest pos

killyourfm3031d ago

FYI: Same thing happened with Dragon Age 2.

Raoh3031d ago


Zipper must be scared out of their minds right now lol

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