BIONITE: Origins is an indie FPS/RTS Hybrid, similar to Battlezone; first screenshots revealed

DSOGaming writes: "Platoon Studios introduced today BIONITE: Origins, a developing FPS/RTS Hybrid Hover-Tank Game that takes place on Venus, Mars, the Moon and Europa for the PC. You will explore the harshest and most exotic environments ever known to mankind from the diabolic world of Venus to the blood red planet of Mars. Returning to a spiritual feel similar to that of Battlezone, but reborn into the modern gaming world with far more to see and experience."

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ATi_Elite2499d ago


Venus is like Hell! way too much heat and carbon dioxide, Global Warming/Green House effect times a Trillion on Venus!

Game sounds interesting. I need another FPS/RTS game!

john22499d ago

Battlezone was one of favourite games. Let's hope that this will be as good as BZ was back then

ATi_Elite2499d ago

Try Nuclear Dawn! It's a really good FPS/RTS game running on the Source Engine!!