343 Industries Looking to “Dramatically Reinvent the Halo Multiplayer Experience” with Halo 4

Josh Holmes talks Halo 4's armour abilities and more.

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FlashXIII2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

O dear god.. so PR bullshit aside they thought "hey armor abilities are awesome lets keep them in the game" not the best way to hype me for Halo 4. Halo MP imho was near perfect in Halo 3.. I hear many people say Halo 2 and CE was even better but I wasn't around for them. Halo 3's mp was so addictive though, it had the pace nailed down perfectly as was the weapons. It's the only FPS game that can compare to Quake 3 in my eyes and that's the highest compliment I can possibly give an FPS game.

Not impressed by them trying to talk up AAs at all really and the cautious amount of hype I had for this game just plummeted. You want to get off on the right foot with fans and talking up the AAs is the worst possible start.

Why do AAs need to be in the game anyway? What's wrong with the good ol power ups strategically placed around the maps? It adds a lot more depth in mp games and actually forces people to actually think something which seems almost lost in today's COD generation of FPS games.

palaeomerus2401d ago

Or just have tribes-like outfitting stations where you can change out your perk package in team games without needing to be in between spawns.

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Gran Touring2401d ago

I really hope Halo 4 stays traditional to the series. I don't want them to throw away the near-decade's worth of work from bungie in favor of attracting new audiences. The Halo series always stood out because it was fun, competitive, and most of all, unique.

Tai_Kaliso2401d ago

Its looking good so far, this is going to be the best graphical Halo to date. Its a definite must have this year as far as I'm concerned.