Metal Gear Solid 4 to Hit During the Summer?

Chris Pickering writes, "File this one under P for Probably a lot of crap, but its worth a mention anyway. Basically, the EBGames website is reporting that pre-orders for Metal Gear Solid 4 will ship in the middle of June this year, which ties quite nicely into the slippage to the second quarter of 2008 that was reported by every gaming journalist and his dog prior to the holidays."

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Darkiewonder4039d ago

Can we start the year without rumors? It's like people have waited for the first 3 days of the new year to give out more speculation for this game. Forget about it until Konami themselves give out a concrete release date.

lonestarmt4039d ago

well some game stores are already taking reservations for it in June. I hope its in June, its my birth month :)

Plus normally there is very little games in the summer. Releasing it then would be perfect to boost sales of the game and ps3.

ban fans4039d ago

I went on the EB site recently (a week or two ago) and found out they were taking preorders on Guitar Hero III for PS3 for its early January release.

What?!? You mean it's out already!?!

Bad source material.

EHILL4039d ago

The EB/STOP sites correspond to when the game will be back in stock online. The date you the ship date..and since Guitar hero is basically pretty hard to find again in certain areas of the country our website is once again taking preorders.

captainpwn4039d ago

Captain PWN is sure that the anticipation around Metal Gear Solid 4 will blow up the sales of the PLAYSTATION 3 Computer Enterainment Sysem B3YOND ever before.

sak5004039d ago

Most of the retarded ps3 fanbois hv a silly habit of talking in 3rd person, or it can be one person with multiple accounts.

Anyway Count sale of 400k max software and maybe 100k hardware.

gamehendge4039d ago

"Anyway Count sale of 400k max software and maybe 100k hardware." that per day or week?

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