I am Alive finally dated for PSN

Ubisoft today finally confirmed that I am Alive coming next Month into PlayStation Network.

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Young_ART2406d ago

I was going to get the last of us but then i saw this!!! i cant wait to download this game of the year contender!

Magnus2406d ago

No reason why you can't have both titles.

Reborn2406d ago

This comes out next month. It's a PSN title.

How does that stop you from getting Last of Us? Which hasn't even gotten a release date...?

Not attacking you or anything, but it seemed rather pointless to mention Last of Us in that context.

pwnmaster30002406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

He probably meant he was going to.wait for last of us for a apocalypse game

Hicken2406d ago

Two very different games. Why would one stop you from getting the other?

Young_ART2406d ago

i compared these two because they are both open world 3rd person survival horror shooters like Infamous/Prototype.

I think this game will sell very well on the PSN because ps3 utilizers buy games like these.

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SeraphimBlade2406d ago

Played it on XBLA. Far from perfect, but I really loved the concept and don't regret the purchase. More of a horror game than a straight-up platformer. And the story? Starts pretty strong, keeps things emotional, buuut, let's just say I felt a lot better about ME3's ending when it was done.

FFXI1012406d ago

Really? how was the game play? the control? is it first person view or third person view?

SeraphimBlade2406d ago

It controls mostly like a platformer, but you have to manage resources to keep your health and stamina like a survival/horror game. What really grabbed me was the combat which is about choosing your battles and conserving ammo. Fights are usually decided in a split second with just about every enemy going down in a single hit.

Anyway, there are plenty of previews and reviews to look at if you're interested.

k-dillinger2406d ago

why is it coming so late on psn why not the same time as xbl and why not come on psn first and xbl last these are the questions we need to ask.