5 Things We Love About Mass Effect 3

X360A: In the first of three Mass Effect 3 post-release features we look at the five main things that made us fall in love with Mass Effect 3.

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Pintheshadows3973d ago

Diana Allers. What a completely redundant character. She asks you a total of 6 questions throughout the game. I mean what's the point of her. You can romance her but with Liara and Tali about who'd want to.

At least James Vega was a worthwhile addition. The tattoo scence made me laugh.

strange19863973d ago

I don't understand the outrage with Diana Allers. She's completely ignorable. If you don't like it, don't allow her on your ship.

Pintheshadows3973d ago

Exactly, she is so redundant as a character I wanted to ignore her. Considering that characterisation is Mass Effects strongest point I don't expect to find a character that weak.

Even though they're incidental I still regularly visited Gabby and Ken.

In any case your logic is flawed. How would I know she was completely useless until after i'd completed the game at least once?

strange19863972d ago


If you wanted to ignore her, why didn't you? Even if you let her on your ship, you could still ignore her. Besides Traynor mentioning her name a couple times, Allers is pretty much nonexistent. I just wonder why people are bitching about a character that can, at worst, take up very little of their time.

As for your final point, it doesn't take a genius to realize she probably isn't that important. She's a character (poorly) modeled after Jessica Chobot and contributes a whopping 5 points to your military strength. What did you expect?

antz11043972d ago

Lol, James is terrible. He's a jersey shore looking, vato sounding stereotype. I wish I could go through the game without interacting with him.

EditorAtGNG3973d ago

I didn't even notice her truth be told... playing renegade has some perks too (I just shut her up and she never showed up again) ;)