BAFTA interview – Aaron Staton (L.A. Noire)

Xbigygames writes: As soon as I saw Aaron Staton I immediately turned to fellow journalists and said, “hey look Cole Phelps is here”, at which point I realised I almost felt that I knew the actor. Seeing him in the flesh was an eerie experience.

Aaron Staton was up for the Best Performance award, but missed out to the brilliant voice-work of Mark Hammill’s Joker. We managed to grab him for a few minutes to ask a few questions.

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crxss3271d ago

no comment on Cole Phelps vs Ken Cosgrove? come on media! ask the right questions

Xbigygames3271d ago

The whole event was a bit manic and I was only given press tickets late night before. Didn't know Stanton was going to be there and he was mobbed. :'( Next time

crxss3271d ago

haha yea i could tell from the short interview, good read though. would have been nice to see a question on the season 5 premiere sunday. regardless he should have won the best performance award.

Skateboard3271d ago

I believe he should have won, his acting made that game.

JohnnyMann4203271d ago

Don't read if you haven't beaten. The stupid article gives away a major spoiler.

I am close to the ending and now I know what happens. Thanks!