SNK Is Doing It Wrong With the NeoGeo X Handheld

If you take a look at the system, you’ll see that SNK is trying to go for the contemporary system design with this new unit, with an analog stick and a sleek build that resembles the PSP in a way, but square rather than round on the sides. It’s not bad, and really shows the kind of quality they’re putting into the system.

That said, I can’t help but think it’s doomed to failure. SNK may have some ambitious ideas here, but they’re a little too ambitious, and as a result, the system’s appeal seems rather limited. Let’s look at the mistakes.

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TheSanchezDavid3034d ago

Why the heck is this damn thing so expensive?!

darthv723034d ago

it is more for the nostalgic collector than the dedicated gamer. I would likely buy one at some point once the price has gone down (if at all).

sometimes, things that are so obscure never get a price cut because they arent as widely available. Regardless of the specs it is something a diehard collector would get.

DemonStration3034d ago

I loved the Neo Geo Pocket but this thing isn't convincing me.

darthv723034d ago

it looks to be for the serious collector of the obscure than the practical gamer. I already have all of those games on my neogeo cd. I dont play them because i also have them on the neogeo collection compilation for the psp which is more convenient.

Still...there is something about this unit that interests me.

GillHarrison3034d ago

I'm a huge NeoGeo fan, but even for a collector this price is insane when compared to a Vita.

tarbis3034d ago

Me too. For that asking price. Could they at least put their latest games in it? KOF XIII as a featured game.
This is just for nostalgia's sake. This should be $99 or lower.

contra1573034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

This system appeals to retro gamers. I'm definitely picking this up for sure If the price drops

Shivan3034d ago

This is just for collectors........... it isnt competing with anything

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The story is too old to be commented.