Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Review (Strategy Informer)

From "The Resident Evil franchise has always had the ability to create scenes that linger in my memory. In the first game, Jill's escape from the descending ceiling still haunts me to this day. The mumbling monks of Resident Evil 4 still send a shiver down my spine. Out of all the titles, Resident Evil 2 produced the moment that I rank as one of the finest in gaming history. After entering the deserted police station, Leon's tense journey becomes far more terrifying with the appearance of a single enemy: the Licker. Silently, it passes by a window. Blink, and you miss it".

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MrWonderful2497d ago

I must say. I have been playing this game since 6am EST. If you purchase this game play it online. Its the best way to play. I never had high hopes for this game given the developers, But its fun to say the least.

Jovahkiin2497d ago

Looking for hits with such a low score.

-MD-2497d ago

Lol, as much as I wanna play the game I love how gamers refuse to believe games can get something below a 6/10.

Jovahkiin2496d ago

Come on dude, 3 means a game is illogical or broken. I haven't played resi yet but i've read a few awful reviews.