Top 7 endings more controversial than Mass Effect 3′s

Mass Effect 3′s ending was controversial, but here are 7 endings even more so.

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Cthuloid2429d ago

And there I was expecting a Monkey Island 2 reference...

crxss2429d ago

sure halo 2's ending wasn't satisfying at all but the *majority* of people play halo for it's MP not it's SP. plus it wasn't the end of the series, ME3 is.

Ares84HU2429d ago Show
crxss2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

i wouldn't have minded the me3 ending to be one of the outcomes of the game, but not all 3. 99.9% of the choices you make in the game have practically 0 impact on the ending. the only choice that matters is the last one.

the "perfect" ending should have had shepard be with his crew somewhere. his crew abandoning him on earth just doesn't make sense. if admiral anderson followed you into the conduit, why didn't your crew?

Deputydon2428d ago

Because the 'perfect' ending shows that the entire scene isn't real. Shepard is on his deathbed and hit dying hallucination is that his comrades all made it to safety. Look up my comment history for proof that the ending really is the indoctrination theory. Too much adds up, and it explains why Shepard is only shown breathing if you pick the 'renegade' option. Because its not really the renegade choice at all, the catalyst scene is bioware indoctrinatjng us and not even having us realize it.

crxss2428d ago

it's not an indoctrination. people need to stop trying to find a reason to make the ending sound better than it really is. the ending was terrible, get over it.

ShinMaster2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

not just MP.

Might as well make it an MP only game then, if the "majority" play it for the MP.
This might put it next COD for having a useless SP when everyone cares about the MP the most.
It's like, stop beating around the bush and just get to the point, because this is what most mindlessly care about and ultimately want to do anyway.

humbleopinion2428d ago

Actually people play Halo for both.
But Halo 2 was part of a trilogy and thus ended in a cliffhanger. It's actually not less/more satisfying than Mass Effect 2 which also ended in a cliffhanger, Or Half Life Episode 2 which ended in an even worse cliffhanger.

The top controversial endings should go to Monkey Island 2 mentioned here, and to the first Half Life.

irepbtown2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

You watch 115 or so episodes of LOST for 6 years and the ending is absolutely shit.
I dont think I've ever been so angry at a show/movie/game.

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Sugreev20012429d ago

Monkey Island 2's ending was vague,but still awesome in my opinion.Anyways,I expected more than 1 mention of a video game ending.And yeah,as a massive Sopranos fan,the ending was underwhelming.

darthv722429d ago

Halo 2 was a cliffhanger because it was obvious there would be a 3rd. That is why the ending was the way it was.

As for some of the others on the list I can really only relate to Lost. It closed the same way it opened. With his eye looking up. Very simple but effective. Although there was still the question of why the smoke monster and where did the island really go but the actual ending was the same as it originally opened.

Surprised he didnt have seinfeld on there as there was more tv/move related endings than games. What happens now to jerry and the gang? The trial was a travesty and yet it ended like it did.


specialguest2429d ago

Since we're talking about tv, on the opposite end, one of my favorite was the last episode of the Fresh Prince of Bell-Air.

dawgsfan1172428d ago

I do love the ending of the Frash Prince. It ended the way a large majority of the great shows from that era did. The main character standing somewhere alone thinking about the past and then flipping off the lights on their way out. Good stuff.

John Kratos2429d ago

Lost was pretty bad, I thought the first season was some of the best television ever, then as each season progressed it got worse and worse. Then they hit the end and completely dropped the ball.

dirthurts2429d ago

Like Heroes...
The first season was great.
Then...I dunno. Writers strike or something. It was bad.

John Kratos2429d ago

Lost was more gradual, I would say everything was great to good until season 4. It was like a car gradually running out of fuel. Where as Heroes fell of a cliff immediately after season 1. But yeah I really enjoyed the first seasons of both Lost and Heroes.

blackhammer2428d ago

I still enjoyed the show, even with the complaints and ecstasy/bliss-like ending. I actually enjoyed the ending.
The third season was by-far some of the worst television I had ever seen, though.

XiaTheNinja2429d ago

Personally, I loved End of Evangelion's ending.

FredEffinChopin2429d ago

Hell, I even enjoyed the end to the series (eps 25 & 26). But yeah End of Evangelion was completely badass.

CasinoTempira2429d ago

Yeah, the ending was pretty awesome for Neon Genesis. I wasn't even a fan of the series. This ending being described as more controversial seems like a mistake; even if alone for the reason that Mass Effect is about 10,000 times more popular than Neon Genesis ever was. Mainly, the ending, from what I recall, was very well loved.

getix21422429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Are you serious?
LOST was the greatest show ever. Nothing will come close to the journey in that show.
I'll explain the ending right now, It shouldn't be controversial.

Everything that happened, the crash, the island, it was all real. A few did escape the island, yes. Everything that happened parallel, depicting the lives of the survivors if they hadn't crashed, is similar to a purgatory, but not. Think of it like this, The Island is present day, the ending is 100 years in the future. Once you die you go the future, and you wait for the rest of the survivors. They needed to find each other to learn to let go, and move on.

There's a lot more to it, but that's the simplest explanation i can give.

John Kratos2429d ago

I already know that happened, I'm not suggesting it was all a dream, you'd have to be a moron to believe. But the way it all came together still sucked. I'm all for closure for the characters, of which I liked most of them, but they didn't answer any of the big mysterious of the island.

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