Kojima says Wii U a 'special case,' requires 'unique' software

Kojima Productions' Project Ogre is still a bit mysterious, other than it running on the Fox Engine and dealing with heavy subject matter. One thing we can say, though, is that the game probably won't hit Wii U. Studio head Hideo Kojima recently commented that if he makes a Wii U game, it will be tailored to the device.

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LX-General-Kaos2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Kojima is doing whats right. Nintendo is a unique innovative comapny, and Kojima will bring its fans unique innovative software. It is good that an amazing legendary dev like Kojima understands that. It comes as no surprise that he already does.

With that said the game Kojima brings to the Nintendo Wii U and its fans will be exclusive. An experience only found on the Nintendo Wii U. Anything the man touches is AAA caliber worthy of any gamers time. Its good to have men like him around.

Next generation begins with the Nintendo Wii U and we are looking very much forward to see what Kojima can do for Nintendo. Whatever he brings to the table will likely take full advantage of the Nintendo Wii U controller innovations, and next generation graphics power.

The Nintendo Wii U brings enough to the table to even make Kojimas dream game a reality. E3 2012 can possibly be the greatest E3 of all time. A heavy thanks to Nintendo for making it possible.

Day one purchase

Rated E For Everyone

ozzywazzy2402d ago

How much does Nintendo pay for your PR? With this economic recession could I get in on that Reggie Juice action?

Rated E for Enormous Douche

Kurt Russell2401d ago

It's hard to get excited about a console that nobody knows anything about... I am sure it will be fine, but what was the point in the announcement aaaages ago if there isn't going to be a demo of any gameplay etc after all this time.

I don't know how you are able to start wetting the bed so early on LX... it's ludicrous.

PopRocks3592402d ago

This is a smart philosophy. A console can sell primarily on exclusive titles, right? So suggesting that the Wii U requires unique software is smart, not only for Kojima, but for anyone wishing to support the Wii U as well (that goes triple for you, Nintendo).

We already have a ton of ports that may or may not have new features from their 360/PS3 counterparts to show that this thing can do HD graphics. Now let's crank out some software that will make people believe they *need* to own this thing in order to get those experiences.

*Ahem* Metal Gear Solid 5 as a Wii U exclusive perhaps? Fucking insane, but I think that would certainly give Wii U a boost.

maniacmayhem2402d ago

It'll be interesting to see how devs support the WiiU's functions. Any 3rd party exclusive game that's a hit on the WiiU will be a huge victory for the Big N seeing as how you can't replicate it on the 360 or ps3.

Sony and MS will have no choice but to offer the same experience for their next consoles if they want to have those unique 3rd party games from the big N on their own systems.

xtreampro2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Nintendo have absolutely no idea what they're doing. Depth sensing cameras, AR, VR and Haptic-feedback is the future and Nintendo are far from it.

Both Sony and MS have it laid out pretty nicely and both have showed promising technology from thier R&D. If they come out with something like WiiU then that'll be the dumbest move they could ever make.

Tablets are part of a different market and Sony and MS are already in that market.

lionelglitchy2402d ago

yeah because everyone wants to stand in their living room jumping around like a twat

FinalomegaS2401d ago

"Nintendo have absolutely no idea what they're doing."

You are who exactly? Sure we have mr.PR up there parading as though he is paid by the corporation but you sound as though you are from the other camp.

if either of you are paid by the big 3 then no problem but you probably aren't and for one thing, the system isn't even out.

Multiconsole will be there, but a wiiU exclusive version using the controller would be nice but it doesnt take away from the other versions. WiiU only games, well that could be something like any other 3rd party making a game only for,anyways let's wait and see just a few more weeks.

BitbyDeath2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

"Sony and MS will have no choice but to offer the same experience for their next consoles"

Hell no, that'd be horrible.
Nintendo can keep touchscreen controllers to themselves.

Titanz2402d ago


Enjoy your current consoles.

-On Topic-

Nintendo licenced game development tools specifically for the Wii U, and it won't cost developers a cent, if used. Kojima's just stealthing information from the masses.

BitbyDeath2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )


I hate using touchscreen devices, it's like your fingers grind off when using them for 10 or more minutes, they are not comfortable to use even on phones. On top of that you get excessive heat buildup which will kill battery life and again stop people from using them for long periods of time.

Touchscreen devices are not user friendly they do not feel good to use and i hope they will soon vanish off the earth. There must be a better way.

Christopher2402d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

***it's like your fingers grind off when using them for 10 or more minutes***

You need to stop pressing so hard.

***On top of that you get excessive heat buildup which will kill battery life and again stop people from using them for long periods of time. ***

I'm a very hot person, temperature wise, and I can use my iPhone or iPad for a good hour without increased heat from my fingers. There can be increased heat through constant GPU use, but that's normal and on the back of the device, not on the touch screen. My case also tends to remove this issue all together.

***Touchscreen devices are not user friendly***

Usability studies greatly disagree with you. What isn't user friendly are poor user interface designs.

***There must be a better way.***

For portable devices? No. And, a tactile response is always going to be necessary for maximum usability and response.

There are a few usability sites that discuss this stuff ad nauseum and continue to evaluate tactile, voice, and camera-based technology for portable and at-home devices. The thing most will agree with is that the overall usability of items varies from person to person, but intricate control schemes will likely always require some form of tactile involvement. This isn't to say that the other options aren't great additions, such as voice commands and camera-based technology for security and communication.

Ulf2402d ago

Wasn't the same thing said about the PS3, at the beginning of the current gen?

dark-hollow2402d ago

Totally missed the point.

FinaLXiii2402d ago

unique software for an unique experience perhaphs?

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