A roadmap for ending the high-def format quagmire

Don Reisinger writes:

"How many times over the past few months have you heard that "the worst is over" and the chances of the high-def format war finally coming to a close were increasing by the day? If you haven't heard it at least once, you're probably not reading the right stories.

But with all that going on, the war is officially a quagmire for both sides and the chances of getting out of this quickly are diminishing at an astounding rate. Consider this: as it stands, the Blu-ray camp commands roughly 49 percent DVD market share, while HD DVD is trailing slightly behind. To make matters worse, some reports suggest HD DVD may be gaining strength, although most buyers are sitting out.

So what's really going on with this war? Is there an end in sight? Even better, is there a solution in sight that can finally put this to rest? If you ask me, I think this could be over in a month if the Blu-ray camp follows three steps."

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socomnick4039d ago

Not more format news cmon guys wrong website to be posting this bs.

Wonderbhoy4039d ago

so why not?

I'm tired of reading these too, but its not the wrong place to post the news.

marinelife94039d ago

Warner isn't going anywhere after CES or for the foreseeable future. They are selling disks on both formats and have already planned releases after January 2008 for HD-DVD unfortunately.

January of this year however HD-DVD is going to get smashed just like last January as far as new movie releases. Blu-Ray is going to widen the other important factor in the format war which is amount of and quality of content.

I think the Blu-Ray adoption rate will increase with the HDTV adoption rate. Everyone who buys a HD-DVD would naturally already own a HDTV they would stick with DVD otherwise. However not every PS3 owner would need to own a HDTV if they originally bought it for a game console. As more HDTV's are sold to existing PS3 owners the more Blu-Ray sales you will see.

eagle214039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

More like 65% of HD marketshare in the United States. He still sheds positive light on Blu-ray...But still a blog.

MUNKYPOO4039d ago

you hear the same thing over and over and over again.

heyheyhey4039d ago

yep it really does rest almost entirely on warners decision lol- whoever they pick, then thats who will win, if warner chooses one side the rest of the studios will go along with it until one camp will run dry of support and die out

jaja14344039d ago

Not that I disapprove of such news, but what I do disapprove of is people who state the obvious and try to pass it off as news.

How to win the war:Buy off the other studios... What really? That such a great plan that I bet neither side has thought of it! Maybe I should call up one of the sides and suggest my bold new strategy! I could make millions muhahahah.

Ok I'm done.

Texas GMR4039d ago

your right. Have your people call my people and we will have this whole format "war" fixed by tomorrow. LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.