Top 10 Reasons We Hate Mass Effect 3′s Ending

Angry Joe lists the Top 10 Reasons Why He Hates Mass Effect 3′s Ending and shares with you fan reaction and discussion on how the amazing sci-fi franchise from Bioware failed to deliver promises made.

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Megaton2400d ago

Pretty spot-on. I've always had mixed feelings about this guy, but he's been pretty solid on ME3.

First time I beat it I was somewhat accepting, although annoyed and confused about several aspects. The fact that they blatantly ripped off Deus Ex wasn't lost on me either, but since it made sense in the ME universe, I got over it.

Then I hear they actually had proper endings developed and ready to go, and that it was changed at the last minute to be purposely vague and full of plot holes for the sake of "speculation". Sabotaged their own game at the last minute. That's when the butthurt set in.

Fuzrum2400d ago

More people really need to see this. This is a very well thought out list. And especially for a guy named Angry Joe: a very calm and civil analysis as well.

palaeomerus2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Gabe on Penny arcade tried to defend this ending. it was silly. He said that:

1.) the synthetic reapers weren't actually killing all life, just those that were dangerous enough to create synthetic life and they were storing the DNA of the destroyed races as new reapers.

++ Yeah but everyone in space or near everyone getting chopped up and stored in reapers is not much of a future. It's pretty much called being eaten. ++

2.) He says that the reapers are thinking like an ancient AI. They can't just ask the races not the make synthetics. They need drastic efficient methods.

++ Except the reapers have 1.) amazing technology to distribute as an incentivize compliance with the edict against not not making synthetic beings and 2.) They have this thing called "indoctrination" that makes you think like them without realizing it. Seems like hypnotizing everyone into not making any synthetics would be the easier and more merciful option when we compare waiting 50K years and then chopping them up to make more reapers. Also the synthetic beings have already been running around for hundreds of years now and are for the most part NON GENOCIDAL. The ones that are genocidal made a deal with the reapers. Overlord was a new development but mankind already beat it. Are reapers so smart that they are stupid? They have ridiculous faith in their determinist predictions but admit that there has never been a cycle like this one. ++

++ Also, the reapers, if I understand the green ending correctly, somehow, along with the the child, and the citadel, simultaneously merge all synthetics and organics into composite beings in the end. One of those blended synthetic and organic beings apparently still has brittle bones. And I assume that EDI got a uterus or something and is not a pure synthetic. Great. Now why wouldn't synthetic hybrids make full synthetics and and potentially still fight with them? Why wouldn't synthetics make other synthetics or even organics and fight with them? Why wouldn't organics make new organics if there tech was there?

If the reapers can do stuff like that then why the war in the first place? Seems dumb. Alternately the child and the citadel can drive all the reapers out of galactic space and hold them there or shut them down, OR they can kill all synthetic life forms including the reapers (who are again, all the remains of all the slaughtered races) simultaneously. Again, why the war with the reapers descending and stomping around among the buildings if they can do this instant "I dream of Genie" type stuff? ++