Is The Vita Already Losing Momentum?

The PlayStation Vita had a spectacular launch. Aside from the weird Wednesday release date, everything went very smoothly for Sony. With a bevy of titles launched varying across the board in genre, it seemed like the new handheld would be in business and keep up shop. After two huge Vita updates in the PSN weekly store update, things have seemingly slowed down.

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Skateboard3026d ago

It's still a baby. I guess its a slow news day.

Redempteur3026d ago

Slow news day indeed.
No issues with my vita.

xursz3026d ago

Article is troll bait.... And it hooked. Just look at a bunch of these comments.

DonnieDarko3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I returned mine. Near could never find my location, played five online games in Fifa every single one of them dropped connection. Before you say it's my connection id like to say my ps3 and 360 always have solid connections.

Also the thumbsticks were too weedy. And when holding it my hands always covered the back touch pad so that wouldn't have gone down well

cyborg69713026d ago

Wtf does weedy mean? Or are you just makin shit up? And what site is this, did it just go live today?

DonnieDarko3026d ago

Weedy as in smaller than ps3's thumbsticks. Which yeah I know it will have to be as it needs to be portable. Maybe my hands are too big.

All I'm saying is I returned mine. And for the bell end who said i must be making shit up how about checking my psn I'd for my trophy I got on FIFA if you think I'm lying? Psn id DougyMac

Never really been into handheld gaming. The idea is great, but in reality I would never really use it. I think mine was faulty as the near and google maps apps didn't work and the wifi signal kept dropping.

Kalowest3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

The launch titles sucked also.

VanillaBear3026d ago

Lol....Vita had some great launch titles

It's one of the many things Sony leartn from their mistakes of the PSP/PS3

SandwichHammock3026d ago

Too many games is my issue. Sumioni today, mortal kombat next month, then gravity daze followed by resistance...fook me,better step up my playtime.

danny8183026d ago

Thge vita has enough stating late May... with Resistance, Gravity rush, and E3 early june. But it does need some newer titles. but its a good start and support, looking back at what the 3DS had. Games barely rolled out till Starfox 3D came out in septmeber

mt3026d ago

it is not losing anything, if you want vita to heat up make kingdom hearts, monster hunter for japan and for the west metal gear and god of war.

Shivan3026d ago



sleepy33026d ago

Didn't the wii go flying out of the gate?
And wasn't the PS2 sold out at launch for weeks and hitting ridiculous prices on ebay?

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The story is too old to be commented.