Resident Evil: Raccoon City Review – Raccoon City Should Have Stayed Nuked | GameInformer

GI writes: Umbrella may have filled Raccoon City with horrific creatures, but SlantSix has tainted the fabled town in its own way. It’s difficult recommending a return to Raccoon when you have to endure buggy AI, clunky gameplay, and terrible glitches like disappearing floors. Yes, on more than one occasion my friends and I had to ditch whole missions because we kept falling into an empty void. Not even online play is enough of a reason to warrant checking out this botched experiment with the Resident Evil brand.

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Sevir3026d ago

I played it and honestly I feel bad that they had to play the game from start to finish! :-( Slant Six should have left been fired mid way through development!!!

portugamer3026d ago

Wow, can this be the game we all were crazy about, everytime a new trailer or gameplay video showed up?

Is this the game I remember, when watching co op gameplay, and saying holly shit, I need it.

Is the the game that looked soo fantastic, many times better than re5?

Please, people, tell me all these 3/5 and 60% scores aren't from re6... :(

ninjaman9993025d ago

Dude, the game is seriously fun, dont worry. If you can get it for around 40 then your all set cause the campaign is fun and has replaye value for a few gos since there is alot of weapons and perks to buy and the MP is exciting!

portugamer3025d ago

I start to realize that many games get low scores, not because of the game itself, but simply because the game isn't exactly how people wanted it to be.

Maybe this resident evil, left alone, without thinking about other resident evil games, is a great game. But only because reviewers didn't get the game THEY wanted, they will give it low scores, to say' hey, studios, you didn't make the game the way we wanted, we will give it a bad score, not because the game is bad, but because we want to hit you'.

Anyway, I will read many many reviews, even from small websites or blogs, to see if the same complaints remain.

But yeah, not a day one buy, but in 1 or 2 months, it will be ok to pick it, cheaper.