PlayStation Legion's Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Review

Well this is what we have been waiting for. A true next gen renecarnation of the ever popular Gran Turismo series. But does it meet the expectations of this reviewer? ...

For your money prologue contains 37 cars, a 16 player online mode, 5 tracks (however each of them can be raced in 2 different ways, so really theres 10 tracks) and GT-TV. As normal for Gran Turismo games, there is an arcade mode for practicing and an event mode. ...

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MUNKYPOO4565d ago

this is a good review. cant wait till it hits the states

Bleucrunch4565d ago

The best is coming and it not even the grand daddy GT5. This will blow everything out of the water. There is simply no contest. Cant wait for this game to come out.

Rice4565d ago

impressive this is gonna be my first GT game ever.

Amp4565d ago

GT2 logged more hours in my PS1 than ANY other game. Hope you have as much fun as us old timers!!

resistance1004565d ago


Cheers for the feedback, nice to see someone published my review.

Its been updated now with GT-TV impressions

LinuxGuru4565d ago

This game is going to be god-like. Simple as that.

resistance1004565d ago

GT5 prologue god like - No

GT5 god like - Yes

TwissT4565d ago

I disagree
GT5 prologue: Godlike-Yes
GT5: Beyond Godlike-Yes


heyheyhey4565d ago

it looks great but since im going to buy gt5 im not going to buy this its kinda waste of money paying for a demo, even if the demo is of the best racing game there is

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The story is too old to be commented.