Rock Band Wii? EA says "no" (for now)

GamePro - by Blake Snow, 01/02/2008:

Despite the release of a PS2 flavor and official comments suggesting otherwise, Electronic Arts has yet to confirm Rock Band for Wii.

"We have not announced any plans for a Wii version at this time," wrote EA's Bryce Baer on Wednesday in an email to GamePro.

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unsunghero284568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

I expect Rock Band 2 will come out for the Wii.

If it doesn't support any motion sensing (which, judging by GH3, it won't) then it probably won't be the version to get. Worse graphics of course, and doubtless lower sound quality.

Night4ll4568d ago

The Wii version of guitar hero III supports Wii remote to activate star power... and for those who would play it without the guitar (I don't know y anyone would), shaking the Wii remote acts as the whammy bar...

Oh the graphics won't be as good as PS3s or 360s, but who really cares... does a game like this need amazing graphics, I mean ur really looking to hit the notes and that's whats important.

I'm tired of people blaming the graphics on Wii... if 3rd party developers actually spend reasonable time on Wii development, the games would look great.

Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime Coruption, and Zack and Wiki all have great graphics... especially one an HD tv with component cables... not as great as my PS3 graphics, but still amazing in my opinion...

bozemanriverrat4568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

... a Blender magazine article a few months ago highlighting GH3 vs Rock Band, Harmonix says there won't be a Rock Band 2 (at least not anytime soon i.e an annual release). It said that they view Rock Band less as software and more as a platform that they'll continue to support with DLC as opposed to releasing a new game every year.

Of course, this same article has the "absolutely" quote from the Harmonix rep about Rock Band on Wii. I definitely think its a missed opportunity as its a game everyone can jump into that's not on the system everyone is jumping on, but since one of the main selling points of RB is the constant availability of new songs via download, I think they'll just wait until Nintendo comes up with a better way to store the DLC. Most of us who play lots of VC games are running out of blocks as it is.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4568d ago

It's exclusive "for now", that's the way it always is. I mean you never know what's gonna happen in the future or how things will change.

Darkiewonder4568d ago

Nintendo needs to tell other developers they can use the SD card slot since there is no external HDD ;3

EZCheez4568d ago

I wish Activision would cave and just release the compatibility with the Les Paul already for the PS3.

I'm amazed this game isn't out for the Wii. You'd think if they released a dumbed down version for the PS2 they could do the same for the Wii.

blynx1824568d ago

Nintendo is coming out with Wii Music. Remember the E3 2K6 Wii video?

bozemanriverrat4568d ago

I wouldn't call a game that lets you conduct a symphony with the Wiimote versus a game that lets you rock out to "Detroit Rock City" by Kiss as direct competition to one another.

Plus I would hope Nintendo wouldn't block the biggest 3rd party publisher from releasing one of the most talked about games of the year on the hottest console on the planet just because they've got an opera music sim on the way in late 2008.

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