Gran Turismo 5 Prologue details announced

Sony has revealed further details of upcoming taster title Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

Ostensibly an improved demo version of the highly anticipated game, the prologue version will include as many as many 50 meticulously detailed cars - including vehicles by Ferrari, Lotus and Nissan.

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captainpwn4036d ago

Captain PWN believes that this is only the beginning. Many titles such as Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy XIII, and Killzone 2 will put Microsoft's Xbox 360 to death, as noted by the original Xbox. Captain PWN would like to ask what games, if any, do 360 owners have for this year. When compared to Sony Playstation 3's lineup, there is no match.

Barreldragon004036d ago

So what do you think? Is Captainpwn the Snipers 2nd account or just someone who copied his writing style.

captainpwn4035d ago

Don't be fooled by others styles. Captain PWN is the real deal. Captain PWN is the only source of true, unbiased information, which may upset fans of the Microsoft XBOX 360 video game and entertainment console. Captain PWN has never before owned an account to, and Captain PWN's style can not be imitated.


Bnet3434035d ago

Well since you asked so nicely *sarcasm*

Ninja Gaiden 2, Halo Wars, Fable 2, Lost Odyssey, and Banjo 3 if it comes out this year. Don't know if this matches your "superior PS3 line-up", you can judge for yourself but I don't care what you like or dislike, those are my picks as of now for Xbox 360 in 2008.

LJWooly4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Yes, LJWooly also believes that talking in third person makes you sound intellegent and mature, and is an ideal way of getting people to take you seriously.

In fact, LJWooly would like ALL of his fellow N4G members to also write comments like this, as he thinks that it is undeniably awesome, and, as you all know, LJWooly is NEVER wrong.


captainpwn4035d ago

After viewing Kigmal's list, Captain PWN is even more unimpressed. The lineup for the Microsoft video game and entertainment machine, XBOX 360, is no competition for the stellar line up for the PLAYSTATION 3 Computer Entertainment System brought to you exclusively by Sony Computer Entertainment and its 3rd party partners.

rofldings4035d ago

Any list that has "Halo wars" in it, is epic fail.

DarkSniper4035d ago

As much as all of those who doubt the Sniper would like confirm this as fact, CaptainPWN is nothing more than an admirer of Dark Sniper.

However, Dark Sniper will lend CaptainPWN his unprecedented support for fighting the good fight for Sony Computer Entertainment and the PLAYSTATION 3® Home Entertainment System.

LJWooly4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

LJWooly and his fellow n4g crusader, captainpwn, beleive that you got well and truly OWNED.

LJWooly apologises for your HUMILIATION, but that's what you get for standing in the way of the mightiest gaming console EVER KNOWN TO MANKIND, THE PLAYSTATION 3 Computer Entertainment System, brought to you exclusively by Sony Computer Entertainment and its 3rd party partners.

LJWooly would also like to thank the one and only DarkSniper, for being such a true inspiration to LJWooly, and for his patented third-person writing style, which LJWooly now uses, in his efforts to become as great as the mighty $niper.

That is all.

/end sarcasm

sagapo4035d ago

don't forget Alan Wake, Too Human...

heyheyhey4035d ago

heyheyhey decided to talk in third person since it sounds cool, heyheyhey completely agrees with captainpwn and heyheyhey is providing a link proving the ps3's stellar line-up:

also heyheyhey would like to say that these are only the exclusive games so far- the ps3 will get loads of great multiplat titles and also heyheyhey thinks that some currently confirmed multiplat titles will switch to ps3 exclusivity as heyheyhey doubts the 360 will be able to run RE5. also heyheyhey would liek to point out that this is only on the games side of things- some great blu-ray titles are coming(especially if WB switch to blu-ray exclusivity) and some extra cool hardware like playTV which allows ps3 users to watch and record live tv, confirmed remote play updates allows psp users to connect to their ps3 form any wifi spot in the world and access the ps3 hard drive to view the films on it and listen to the music on it without the need to store it on the memory stick duo. heyheyhey is also excited about the dualshock3 controller which will incorporate sixaxis and the much beloved rumble feature in one controller. also heyheyhey would liek to point out some great homebrew projects currently going on like the ps3 controller in the shape of the 360 controller for anyone who finds that more comfortable and also being worked on is the ability to play pc games on the ps3 considering you have linux installed. heyheyhey thinks 2008 will be a stellar year for the ps3

heyheyhey will also stop talking in 3rd person because he thinks it is highly gay (no offense captainpwn)

captainpwn4035d ago

Though others may find the writing style found exclusively by Captain PWN and other partners annoying, Captain PWN solely believes that this is the future. As days pass, more and more News4Gamers users will be switching to the next generation of writing, first introduced by Dark $niper and partners.

heyheyhey4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

captain PWN has persuaded heyheyhey to switch back to 3rd person and he shall unite with the 3rd person crew (sniper, ljwooly and captain) to save delusional 360 consumers from their eternal torment and make them see sense btw heyheyhey would like to say somehing related to this topic:


captainpwn4035d ago

Captain PWN would like to welcome heyheyhey abord to the future, and also will continue to root for the success of Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5: Prolouge.

gta_cb4035d ago

thats who he reminded me of! i thought his style of writing was familiar, but didnt notice as i havnt been online much.

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Darkiewonder4036d ago

Now they need to talk about hosting own online events. Then we have something.

rofldings4036d ago

i need a logitech g25 >:::::::::::

But I can't pay $230 for it :(

Kaneda4035d ago

go to the corner of the street...wearing short skirt, just stand there... and you will make $230 in no time...

LJWooly4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

I won't buy this game, but when the whole package comes out (hopefully next year!) NOTHING will stop me from buying this game, believe me.

Who disagreed? Lol, whatever.

gta_cb4035d ago

it is annoying when someone disagrees with you when its something you know your going to do, prob going to be the same for me because i have owned every GT game since i had the PS1. also want to compare it to other games on my Xbox 360 :) maybe even Forza 3 as i can easily see Turn10 making Forza 3 :p

LJWooly4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

double post, sorry. not sure how that happened 4 minutes later...

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