Xbox Live broke over Christmas - but why?

Loads of people had problems with Xbox Live over Christmas and in those heady, intoxicating, chocolate-filled days between Chrimbo and New Year.

The problems were worldwide, too - European and American owners all had issues signing in, staying signed in, downloading content and playing online. Xbox Live was pretty much unusable for vast lumps of the sitting-at-home-bored festive period. And no, for once it wasn't your router.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Because it sucks the balls(Bow as in pow + we1ls)

Clinton5144034d ago

Not even a shi...crappy fankid site such as Xboxer. Waste of my click time.

captainpwn4034d ago

Captain PWN believes that if Clinton514 does not appreciate the contributions of N4G contributors, than Clinton514 should go to his disgusting, inferior, underdeveloped website that you made single handedly. Captain PWN apologizes for going off topic, but believes that Clinton514 should appreciate what offers, or go away.

Clinton5144034d ago

You're a filthy racist no good kid. Expect to be messaged by the site admins soon enough. I'm already spreading the word on your other user name. Whatever beef you have with me, keep it in your mind. Child.

captainpwn4034d ago

Captain PWN has decided that Clinton514 needs to appreciate what the N4G commnity offers, and if Clinton514 is not interested, Clinton514 should go back to his own site instead of attacking Captain PWN and his PWNage.

Bnet3434034d ago

I'm starting to like this Clinton guy.

gta_cb4034d ago

yeah i agree, this "captainpwn" sounds like a retard, why are you talking about yourself in 3rd person?

captainpwn4034d ago

Why do you refer to gta_cb as 1st person. Come join the true evolution and speak in 3rd person, gta_cb. Captain PWN and many others have made the switch, and now you can, too.

gta_cb4033d ago

i dont want to talk in 3rd person, its strange and makes you seem like ..... an idiot lol.

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Achievement Unlocked4034d ago

itll show how much the ps3 was trounced. this is why xbl was on the fritz. overloaded with so many new users.

i personally know 5 buddies who got an xbox360 and xbl for chrimbo.

can you guess how many got a ps3? none. zero. nada. hmmm i wonder why they would make such a choice. hmm i wonder indeed.

bizi64984034d ago

that's interesting, it's the exact opposite with my buddies. They're all buying ps3s, and they're all very angry at microsoft for that painful irritation up their arss.

there are now clearly 2 crowds: the one that bends over, gets screwed repeatedly and still says thanks, and the one that stands up and rebel with a vengeance.

you clearly chose your crowd, happy new year dude.

gta_cb4034d ago

i know 7 people that live near me who have got an Xbox 360 for christmas obviously including XboxLIVE, i know one person who got a PS3 which was me lol, and i know one person who is saving up for a PS3

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