Xbox Live now running normally after spotty holiday service

While Microsoft is not specifically citing any cause as yet, reported issues with the Xbox 360's online Xbox Live service seem to have been resolved as of Wednesday morning. In all, the problems lasted 12 days, frustrating those who may have unwrapped a new Xbox over the holidays, or even longtime users eager to play the latest game that was found under their Christmas tree this year.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4033d ago

It kept going off and on. I have a 360. Now it's back to normal.

riksweeney4033d ago

Thanks for letting us know, the rest of us were too f cking stupid to realise.

Honeal2g4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

complete and utter Bull.... i admit its better but its still not back to normal....i cannot play with my friends espcially in halo3 we get into a game and it splits us up in random groups.... 4 of us go in to maatchmaking and end up being spliced into different games... and i had no trouble prior to the christmas break but now its just pissing me off..

it could just be halo3 ..cause i played NBA 2k8 with a friend twice with no problem but still i pay for a fcuking service i expect to play or be rewarded for my troubles! period

wil4hire4033d ago

Its fine now.

$50 down the drain.

Bzone244033d ago

Actually it's $1.64 down the drain if someone paid $50 for the year and Live was down for 12 days.

jack who4033d ago

thankx 4 ownin this dumbass farmboy....

in other news i found 20$ on the floor

BloodySinner4033d ago

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IGNFTW4033d ago


Kwertie4033d ago

It's not about the money, it's about the fact that for many, the one long holiday they get a year, and they could not play online with their friends. I was quite looking forward to chilling out and playing against my work buddies, but no.

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mintaro4033d ago

good to see that it's workin again, can finally play me some CoD4

jack who4033d ago

you dont have 360 or live

mintaro4033d ago

hmmm, i bet you say that cuz i have a pic of home, you fanboys disgust me

jack who4033d ago

nope cuzz for all 12 day i was still able to play cod4

Dukester1014033d ago

It started working fine for me on Monday evening... but between Christmas Day and then it was down for the count.

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The story is too old to be commented.