Average TV size up to 60-inch by 2015 says Sharp

By Dave Walker, Tech Digest - Wednesday, January 2:

Sharp has predicted that 60-inch will become the average TV screen sizes by 2015. Sales data from the last 12 months suggest that big screen TVs are becoming the norm rather the exception, according a study from market research firm Gfk commissioned by Sharp (via Pocket-lint). See the full report for the sales data.

According to HDTV Org, the 50-inch category is the fastest growing segment of the market; however, Sharp is confident that the trend towards bigger screens will see the average flat panel size supersede 50-inch in the not too distant future.

Notes: The Pocket-lint and HDTV Org reports are listed under Alternative Sources.

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fenderputty4033d ago

7 years ago, a 42 inch TV was more of a luxury item then a common size. It would only make sence that it keeps going up. At what point does it stop though. Most people don't have a family room big enough to support such large screens.

Darkiewonder4033d ago

is a 73" TV, smallest is 27. anything smaller than that is a sin.

mikeslemonade4033d ago

The average size TV in the living room right now is 50 something inches already. I don't remember the source though.

WilliamRLBaker4032d ago

of course you dont remember the source because the source was the neither regions of your behind. I love when people pull out statistic and averages with out proof.

mintaro4033d ago

wow 60" is just ridiculous, although by then there will probably be oled and sed tv's, so plasma and lcd's will probably beocme the new crt's and rear projection tv's

Adamalicious4033d ago

Yeah - I don't know about that. I think they are assuming that the size of TV people purchase is only a function of how much they want to spend. So if you want to spend X you just get the biggest TV you can for that amount and since prices will go down we'll all just keep buying bigger sets. I have a 40" HDTV and I really wouldn't want a larger one in my living room.

bombzombie4033d ago

At first, the 50" the 60" Pioneer...hmmm 72" Sony in the future...maybe when they get away from LCD to really fast OLED or SED tech. :-)

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The story is too old to be commented.