Q&A: Sensible Software's Jon Hare

After many delays and one aborted launch, Sensible World of Soccer has finally made it to Xbox Live to reach a new generation of football fanatics.

First appearing on the Amiga in the early 1990s, Sensible Soccer is widely agreed to be the first truly great football game. With its simple, fast, intuitive gameplay, Sensi and its sequels -- most notably Sensible World of Soccer, which incorporated longer-term management options -- are still held up by some as examples of football gaming at its very best.

Just after Christmas, GameSpot spoke to Jon Hare, who founded Sensible Software and was the creative director behind Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder, and other titles. GameSpot spoke to Hare about SWOS coming to XBLA, how development has changed since the time of Sensi, and what he makes of the games industry today.

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BrotherSic4038d ago

its a great single player game but it's terrible over Live.

Would love to see Cannon Fodder released!

Theo11304038d ago

"Sensible World of Soccer: Like an ugly girl that makes up for it by trying harder in bed."

BrotherSic4037d ago

i agree that its ugly but the gameplay still holds up today lol

i just dont understand how you can get lag on an amiga game!