Nintendo: Wavebird no longer shipping to stores

Via Joystiq:

If it were any other time the death of the sublime wireless Wavebird controller designed for Nintendo's Gamecube would have gone by with a tear and some good memories, but with Smash Bros. Brawl just around the corner it feels more like bad timing. A Nintendo customer service representative told GoNintendo that there aren't plans to restock Wavebird controllers in stores again; however, regular wired Gamecube controllers will continue to be available.

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Zhuk4035d ago

The death of a great controller. If I was a Wii owner this is the first thing I would hook up after throwing away that garbage remote

ShadoWulf4035d ago

Glad I've got mine. Hooked up and ready to Smash!

dewmandew74035d ago

They should just release Gamecube-esque controllers than either plug straight into the Wiimote or sync directly into the Wii's bluetooth receiver, or whatever it uses. That way Gamecube games will be playable for years to come and people won't have to worry about finding Gamecube controllers. Plus, it will be wireless without that giant-*** pack on the back.

freakyzeeky4035d ago

Nintendo discontinued those Wavebirds some time ago... :?

ReBurn4035d ago

The Wavebird is a great controller. Eats batteries too fast, but still great.

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