Alone in the Dark: Gamers, pick your weapon

The Sydney Morning Herald - Digital Life, January 3, 2008:

One of the many strengths of last year's masterpiece BioShock is the flexibility that players have in dealing with enemies.

But it's a shame that BioShock should stand out for this reason: all interactive games should provide freedom, encouraging participants to be inventive, creative and playful.

An upcoming game that could be on par with BioShock in rewarding player ingenuity is survival horror adventure Alone in the Dark, coming soon to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Much of the focus in Edward Carnby's new quest is on using and combining everyday objects to create devious weapons and traps.

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Skerj4032d ago

This game is teasing me with its awesome!!

big04032d ago

This game could windup being a great one.