Three Resolutions for Success in '08: Xbox 360

Garnett Lee, one the editors at 1UP, makes an entry in his blog that could be of interest to gamers and Micrisoft Corp. alike:

"We come into '08 with all three players in the videogame world about to tell us how they enjoyed the best Holiday Season. While they bask in the warm afterglow, I thought I'd offer each three suggested resolutions to make '08 even better for them. I'll start things off with Microsoft".

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lynx1halo4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

at the picture........nicely done and oh so true ...........
looks like its ready for takeoff lol.....
must first reach critical mass temperature for liftoff

Lightning Mr Bubbles4036d ago

as long as he does PS3 and Wii also.

Keys to success for 360, f*ck up the PS3 by taking exclusives and doing things devestating to the PS3.

Keys to success for PS3, f*ck up the 360 by taking exclusives and doing things devestating to the 360.

I wouldn't even go there personally, just focus on he games.

Clinton5144036d ago

is continuing what they've done at the end of 07. Both have had great holiday pushes and games.

I know asking for a free Live might not happen even though I believe financially MS CAN make it happen.

socomnick4036d ago

Clinton if ms ever offers xbox live for free it might be when home launches.

Mikey_Gee4036d ago

-I agree that Live should be free or at least price cut in half. Not that $50 for 13 months is much ($3.84 per month .. I spend more on Coffee) ... BUT ... you have to still take into consideration what the competition is doing. Yeah yeah, I know XBL is better than PSN .. but still ... something has to give.

-I disagree on the look. I really like the look of the 360. The chrome drive door is a give or take for me. I have chrome, but have zero issue with the all white.

-I really do not find the machine that loud. I mean really, I don't play in silence. That is what my Amp is for.

-TOTALLY AGREE with the hardware side. Could you imagine the success the 360 would be having if the RROD "NEVER EXISTED" ??? I also understand the new FALCON boards are VERY VERY RELIABLE and even better will be in the spring/summer when Jasper hits shelves. BUT FOR SURE .. the RROD did not help the 360's reputation. MS needed to make BULLET PROOF hardware to get rid of the doubt. I am sure the RROD worries will also have an effect on the next MS console when one is thinking about dropping cash on one.

Genuine4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

His comments are lame.

1. Until sony or Nintendo can match the quality of Live, people will continue to pay the meager $4.20 a month for Live with no real qualms.

2. MS is already out in front of the hardware problems that used to plague the 360. 1 billion dollars and a 3 year warranty are proof of that. What did sony do about the 3 ps2's I went through in 4 years? Not a damn thing.

3. Games. This is the only one I agree with. As long as MS continues to bring out quality, like they have for 2 solid years now, they will do just fine.

KillJoi994035d ago

I went trough 8. Probably a big reason as to why I switched off to MS.

Plus the 360 looks awesome. I don't know what the hell the blogger's talking about.

Crazyglues4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Interesting...? Make live free - with 9 million subscribers paying 50 dollars a year = 450 million dollars a year. Do you really think they are going to give up making that much money a year? - Highly Unlikely

tethered4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

But what if half (or more) of those 9 million subscribers stop paying for Live and just play online for free on the PS3 or the PC?

Its possible that the PS3 and Sony could drive Microsoft to make Live free for all.
Until Live is free, I'll continue to buy online games for my PS3 and only exclusives for my 360.

**Crosses fingers**

Dark_Vendetta4036d ago

I also don't think they'll make it free, even if they see they are loosing this generation because the same happened with the old Xbox. I don't mind paying money as long as the service stays as good as now

Legend4036d ago

^ HA. HA HA. Right now, my Live is still down from their epic holiday fail. I do mind paying for what I'm getting right now.

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