GTA IV Trailer 3: Move up, Ladies Re-done in San Andreas Style

This is a GTAIV Trailer 3 re done in San Andreas, and really shows how far the graphics have come since then.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

I want to see what GTA 4 looks like in real gameplay. You're comparing GTA San Andreas gameplay to GTA 4 cut scenes.

I remember GTA San Andreas cut scenes, the characters had more detail than that and they moved better also. In this video, they don't even have faces.

Crazyglues4035d ago

I want to see gameplay too, But I think it will probably be just as good as the cut scenes because for next gen, they got to at least hit that make for a next gen game. Or this would be a huge let down.

I mean look at COD4's cut scenes, they are exactly how the game looks. which is just amazing. Same thing with Uncharted. The cut scenes are so close it's crazy.

Which reminds me just unlocked the naughtydog t-shirt... LoL pretty cool -check the pic

masterg4035d ago

The comparison is actually fair.

In GTA4 the game will look like this in-game. Cut scenes are NOT pre-rendered.
Just like we see in Call of Duty 4.

Shankle4035d ago

Have there been any games this generation that use pre rendered cutscenes at all? I know that many cutscenes have more detail than gameplay, but are still rendered with the game engine, such as uncharted, but seeing as all the games look snazzy now, there's just been no need for pre-rendering.

Crazyglues4035d ago

I thought it was pretty cool, really shows how far graphics have come - whoever did this really did a nice job. I still can't wait for this game to come out.

I wonder how many people have already Pre-ordered this game already? I was just about to add it to my amazon cart.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

I think it's a total unfair comparison. Because no matter what they say, the cutscenes always look better than the actual gameplay.

And this video is comparing GTA 4 cutscenes to not even San Andreas cutscenes but San Andreas gameplay.

Makes you think that graphics have come a longer ways than they have. So to me this video is a totally unfair and loses all it's purpose.

Crazyglues4035d ago

Someone just made the trailer over using GTA 3, that's all. I just put the original video up in-case people forgot how it went, so they could see how good of a job he did. Maybe that was my fault for adding the original below it.

It was just a cool re-make of the trailer using GTA 3 that somebody did and uploaded to Gametrailers, that's all.

GodsHand4035d ago

I think, GTA4 looks just like what they been showing us. I dont remember seeing any special cut scenes in San Andreas. As far as I know the cut scenes are just scripted out from actual game play.

whoelse4035d ago

I dont care about how the graphics have changed but i was amazed how close he got it. I mean, that must have taken ages! 10/10!

Lightning Mr Bubbles4035d ago

Now you guys are saying that the cutscenes in San Andreas look just like the gameplay? Great! That's great.

When Sweet is playing basketball with Smoke early in the game, he looks just like that faceless walking stick they show in this video?

Go back in play the game please.

masterg4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

We are actually saying that GTA4 cut-scenes look like gameplay. Not San Andreas.
Like some other games we have seen lately it does not have pre-rendered cut-scenes. We see a lot of games where you can move the camera around during the cut-scenes.

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The story is too old to be commented.