Gamefly Now Offering Unlimited PC/Mac Downloads

Gamefly's direct download service for unlimited PC/Mac rentals has gone live, and is now available for all Gamefly subscribers.

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dirthurts2403d ago

If they work on the selection, I'll be all over this. I like it.

SeraphimBlade2403d ago

I was in the beta before I cancelled my subscription for now. Quite good. Especially great for playing episodic adventure games.

catfrog2403d ago

this could make me subscribe

snowman21492403d ago

holy shit this is amazing!

Yomaster2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Cool, but they don't really offer the new games for free or even at a discounted price. Skyrim, BF3, and ME3 are all for download at the cost of $60. I can go to and buy the BF3 download for half of that...

I was in the beta before I cancelled as well, and yeah, it was cool to play Saints Row 2, Cryostasis, etc. for free, but those are all dated games. So, their "Unlimited PC Play" isn't really "Unlimited."

It would be fucking BADASS if ALL titles were available for free PC play with a paid subscription. Yet, their PC client is merely a portal through which you pay for and download new games, and a few of the really old ones for free. Meh...