The Club Multiplayer Images

Gamersyde writes: "After last week's demo, still dividing the gamers between hate and love, here are some multiplayer images of The Club. Split-screen gaming isn't dead yet!"

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LJWooly4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

I played the PSN demo and I found the game ok, but that was it... ok. Nothing more than an average game with decent graphics and some good multiplayer modes.

Not really interested in this game.

And who said splitscreen gaming was dead? There's nothing more fun than having a group of friends all squeeze onto the same couch and frag the hell out of each other.

Oh, that's right, that would require contact with REAL people... o_O

Skerj4039d ago

It's even more fun when you're drunk, we beat the Turtles Arcade game that way. I had no idea wtf was going on but we nearly died laughing when that Cajun gator Leatherhead came out. Playing bad games is also fun with a group of friends, Sneak King was awesome.

LJWooly4039d ago

Let me guess, that was your New Year's eve party, lol. Sounds like it was fun :D

Daxx4039d ago

I thought it was going to be a FPS. Guess I was wrong.

ScottEFresh4039d ago

I liked the demo but I believe the multiplayer will have to be pretty fantastic to warrant a purchase by most gamers.