HD DVD vs. Blu-ray: Will the War End With Two Losers?

Chris Maxcer writes, "The battle between the Blu-ray and HD DVD formats slogs on, with neither side apparently willing to surrender. Meanwhile, most consumers stand on the sidelines, reluctant to spend money on what could be the war's loser. Will either side ever gain a significant upper hand and rise to ubiquity, or will high-definition DVDs become a niche market for cinephiles as digital downloads gain popularity?"

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Mikey_Gee4032d ago

... but am I the only one left that like to have the HARD MEDIA ?? I enjoy having the actual plastic in my collection.

Jinxstar4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

I agree man. I do however feel if they had a type of memory stick or something that kept track of all the movies you bought and you took it to your friends/moms/whoevers house and pluged it into their player and it DL's whatever movie you wanted to watch in HD very fast... That would be cool. watching movies on my computer however is not what I want... most people do not hook their PC's up to their TV's and all the peripherals, Software and everything else included... I think average consumer would not go for it... What happens when servers crash for streaming media? I mean What happens when you upgrade your computer... DL all the old crap again? 100+ movies? That would take like a month to DL all that... We don't have the services at this point in time. Hence I think you are right. Being able to grab a DVD or BR and take it to a friends to watch is just simpler. Plus all the hacking and copyright crap that would be a huge issue for the movie industry... It's just not a good choice at this point in time I think...

f7ss14032d ago

i think it would be a shame to lose a physical piece of media

deeznuts4032d ago

Hard Media just can't go away, not for a while. First, digital download proponents forget, bandwidth is limited. Imagine all those movies being rented and bought, translate that into bandwidth. Not enough. ISP's already surrpetitiously throttle some downloads. Secondly, videophiles love their bitrates, and downloads esp. streaming ones do not offer enough of it to compare to HD DVD or Blu-Ray.

Third, it's the VCR clock syndrome. Set up a HD Player, pop in a disk. Yeah grandma or grandpa still has to know what disc to pop in but it's much easier than an HTPC of even video on demand.

Capt CHAOS4032d ago

HD-DVD camp, Blu-Ray Camp and the public - all that effort lost on HD media when they could have promoted superbit etc..

miked8084032d ago

How about no losers and two winners. Both can co-exist.

TANOD4032d ago

but the losers are MS and HD DVD

damn MS are so unrealistic.

They believe that people would take that 3 gig DD over unltra realistic BD movies

MS this is over for you. same goes to your HD DVD.

It is finished for MS

PS3 would have DD from next year but i would never pick up DD as a replacement of a PHYSICAL MEDIA like BD disc

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4032d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

HD DVD vs.: Will the War End With one Losers?

I can't really say the grammar errors are unnoticeable.

umm I was kinda joking, just in case you didn't notice ;).

demolitionX4032d ago

people are talking about digital media download? you can't compare to physical HD media, it's like comparing buying a DVD and renting it. if u wanna rent it, download it, if u wanna own it buy the disc. Besides, hardrives are not as reliable as optical discs.

heyheyhey4032d ago

totally true plus hard drives can get quickly clogged up with hd movies and you also have to wait around until the download finishes

so basically i dont think downloads will win i think it has to be one of the disc formats and my money is on blu-ray especially if WB decides to side with it

Cherchez La Ghost4032d ago

You do not have to wait for a movie to download 100% to start watching it. I rented Blades of Glory (720p HD) on Xbox Live and the movie started within 2 minutes start of download.

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