FTG: Only on PC: Gamefly

Friends and fellow mouse-jockeys, it is time for outrage. And if one of you tells me I’m right because of the endings of Mass Effect 3, sit down and shut the hell up. This is not about any individual game. For the first time, I must level an accusing finger at an online distributor of PC games.

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Elwenil4366d ago

Gamefly acquired Direct2Drive back in May of 2011. They shut down the D2D site sometime in late 2011. That is more than enough time to do everything in the background and have a site and download client up and running but no, hardly anything works and the client is a piss poor beta. Out of the $780 worth of D2D games, 39 in total, I have access to 11 and one was a crappy freebie from D2D. Of those 11, 3 for some reason do not have CD Keys associated with them anymore so I can't activate them after downloading. I also got the $50 credit as hush money a month ago but I'm still raising hell. I filed a complaint with the FTC and I encourage anyone else in the US that is dealing with this mess to do the same. Also, blasting their Twitter account seems to shake the tree a bit though I think only a massive firing of all involved will solve their ridiculous problems.


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Open-world vehicle sim Expeditions: A MudRunner Game adopts a thoughtful pace that will either frustrate or delight you.

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Palworld Finally Dethrones Baldur's Gate 3 as Most Played Game on Steam Deck in February 2024

Palworld has finally put an end to Baldur's Gate 3's 6-month domination as the most-played game on Steam Deck has February 2024 has been dominated by Japanese games and RPGs.

OneLove5h ago

Lol I got 146 hours in this game on xbox


Suicide Squad really can’t afford to keep its Year 1 roadmap secret

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League needs to reveal the road ahead, as the struggling shooter still remains secretive about Season 1.

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Hofstaderman6h ago

Will it even be around for a year?