CVG previews Street Fighter IV

Capcom's long-awaited sequel pounces and then Dragon-Punchs CVG in the chops:

"Blasting onto next gen with the force of a Super Ex Ha-do-ken, the first proper info drop on upcoming beat-'em-up spectacular Street Fighter IV has hit... and it's a zinger!

Yet after the gob smacking teaser trailer Capcom taunted us with at their recent Gamer's Day, we confess we've come away feeling ever-so-slightly perplexed. Gone is that heart-achingly beautiful feathered, ink-splashed art style that drew so many gasps of admiration when we beheld the teaser, and in its stead we find more generic models sporting calves thicker than Henry VIII and feet larger than Frodo Baggins'."

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Doppy4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

I'm personally glad the parry system is gone. I was a user of the parry system, and no one likes playing a game where thier most powerful combos fail all the time. I think the revenge meter sounds interesting. I think it could be used to rplace the parry system by allowing you to parry attacks for a very short amount of time (no more than 3 sec.). It should also be used to counter standard attacks with that crippling punch Ken gave Ryu.