States struggling to keep Microsoft antitrust decree in place

Microsoft's antitrust woes have been resurrected by a group of states including California and New York that are seeking to extend the duration of the antitrust sanctions imposed on Microsoft under the 2002 consent decree agreement.

Microsoft can thank Google, Apple, and Mozilla for the strong likelihood that the company will not be subject to additional extensions of the decree. New salvos from the States aren't hitting their target, so most sanctions will expire early in 2008.

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Bnet3434039d ago

What the hell is this? I'm being serious here.

Adamalicious4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

If you're inferring that this is somehow not appropriate news for this site then I think you need to note that it is posted under "industry News" and probably to also review the posting guidelines which make it clear that this kind of article is entirely appropriate.

power of Green 4039d ago

Man if this contributor put this much energy in finding real news *and more rounded for that matter* we would have a winner.

This persons news post history seems very biased(always involves MSFT never posts anything else.

Cat4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

hah, you've got to be kidding! First of all, this is GOOD NEWS for MS, as these states are proving unable to uphold their antitrust decrees. Additionally, here's a link to my submissions for review:

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Adamalicious4038d ago

Why don't you give it a rest with the personal attacks and focus your energy on contributing to the conversation/debate. Your comment has NOTHING to do with the posting other than that you mention Microsoft.

"Forum Rules
- Personal attacks on other members will not be tolerated and will result in temp or permanent ban."

I can't wait until the comments are moderated.

heyheyhey4039d ago

i dont know too much about law so could someone tell me what this sanction means for M$ involvement in the gaming business

jack who4039d ago

in other news i had eggs for lunch

weswedfert4039d ago

i had pizza for lunch. IT WAS THE BEST PIZZA I EVER HAD!!!!

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