PC + PS3 = Love

From Marauderforever:

"The guys over at StreamMyGame finally managed (a few weeks ago) to put together the system that would facilitate doing just that.

If you've got a PS3 with Linux installed (any type of Linux - Yellow Dog Linux, Ubuntu etc) you can get this up and running. More explanations in a thread on the StreamMyGame forum here. (and here for a tutorial on how to install Linux on the PS3)"

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Darkiewonder4034d ago

"I haven't tried it yet, but I'm planning on doing it soon enough."

But I wanted to but then I read this.

"Omg, I wonder how Microsoft feels knowing that PS3 owners all around the world are able to play their so-bitterly-kept-off-the-PS3 games like Bioshock, Gears of War or even Halo. Zomg, playing a Halo game on a Sony console!"

If this doesn't work then laugh @ his blog post.

Omegasyde4034d ago

A different group of guys (found the video on youtube)

Already have emulators working for linnux that work on the ps3.
SNES, SEGA Gen, Ps1, and n64 emulators are working for them, however you can't use a dualshock remote. Only keyboard and mouse.

So what would be the point besides playing zelda oracrina of time on your hd tv? IT is also illegal, and pirates are bad ;)

If sony had the know hows, they should do a deal with linnux OS maker and have each new ps3 come already with the software.

drewdrakes4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

I dont see how this is possible if they arent able to tap into the GPU. The games wouldnt run at a decent framerate.

Also, to my knowledge both Gears and Bioshock are DirectX games. Whereas linux uses OpenGL.

Someone try this and let us know if its good.

BTW follow the link and all you will find is a way to install Yellow Dog. So it doesnt actually teach you to play windows games. If you could do this then all linux users would be able to play PC games.

WafflesID4034d ago

you aren't actually running the game on the are running the game on a host PC and then just streaming the video/audio to the PS3. So OpenGL/DirectX doesn't matter.

Bebedora4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

The PS3 have a real hard time doing any x86 instructions. Not to forget the RSX access is inexistent. 220 out of 256 MB Ram which includes memory used for graphics. Emulators for SNES is doable though.

PopEmUp4034d ago

Can't help a dumbass trying to be smart but just laugh at him

f7ss14034d ago

it would be interesting to see how those games hold up running on the ps3 through linux

EZCheez4034d ago

To play those games on the Linux OS.

Besides, this guy is about a year behind on this "revolutionary" news. I've had YDL installed for a year now.

Are there any other Linux users out there that use other Linux OS's other than YDL? I'm looking for one that actually has flash support and I haven't found one yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bebedora4034d ago

It shouldn't matter if you are using YDL or any other linux variant. But there are better user support with the Ubuntu version because there are many more users. So, I suggest try out Ubuntu if you cannot make it to work in YDL.

EZCheez4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

The flash player support is made for specific OS's by Adobe and while it had been made for the Linux OS, for some reason the flash player wouldn't work with YDL. Don't ask me why but even Terrasoft acknowledged the problem.

I'm going to try something out before I go to Ubuntu.

Turns out YDL actually has an alternative to flash players called Gnash that play almost all normal flash applications. I'm going to check that out first before I decide to switch OS's though. Thanks for the help.

[email protected] Yeah I actually missed the streaming part. I scanned over it and thought it was another article about people thinking Linux would actually be able to run those games. Still though, if you have a PC that can play the games, why wouldn't you just play it on your PC?

BulletToothtony4034d ago

if it's just streaming like they say, and i know they may be lying or wrong or whatever, BUT if it's just streaming it's possible, after all you can play Lair on your psp, and obviously you couldn't run lair on your psp, it's only streaming

so along those principles it would be possible, i would think but i may be wrong

gamesR4fun4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

ya ubuntu's working fine here full flash with ff bt support and it does a decent job with playing all my media...

Edit I took the kubuntu cause i figured it was lightest but they have 5 flavors tailored for the ps3 now...

EZCheez4034d ago

Which Ubuntu do you have installed? I'm starting to lean more and more towards replacing YDL.

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