Why the PS3 Isn't the Best Blu-ray Player

Ben Drawbaugh writes, "Not too long ago we asked you what the best Blu-ray player was and as many would expect one of the hottest answers was the PS3. At $400, with the PS3's ability to be updated to support just about any new Blu-ray feature, it seems like the best value; but there's one thing about the PS3 that is often overlooked. No, we're not talking about the lack of IR remote (easily solved with a $15 adapter) we're talking about the limited audio codec support. Sure, the PS3 supports Doby TrueHD decoding internally, but it lacks a big one, DTS HD. For whatever reason, the PS3 does not support bitstream output, -- no, not even TrueHD -- only PCM and since there's no DTS HD decoder built in, that leaves out one of the hottest new codecs."

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scrillakiller4033d ago

i mean really who cares.i baught it for games which is what i primarily do with it but damn am i glad that it plays high def movies to cuz i use it second for that.i got 10 gmes and 14 long as i can put the disc in and watch a movie im happy.

Capt CHAOS4033d ago

If you've got 14 BluRay movies and things like this don't matter then you should have just stuck to buying standard DVD.

Bombomb4033d ago

i mean really who cares.i baught it for games. i got 10 gmes and 14 movies.

If I were you id go out and buy 5 more games to make that statment/ratio look better ..

As new hardware become better the PS3 as a blu-ray will only lag behind. special chips and such cannot be addons for the ps3. By that time the trojan will have already done it's dirty work so it won't matter.

IcemanK24032d ago

I watched Rescue Dawn the other night which has DTS HD Lossless, I selected that and watched the movie. My receiver was showing it was decoding into DTS.

resistance1004033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

I've got 19 blu-ray films and counting i love HI-Def =D

Sure the ps3 may not be the best blu-ray player, however its the only one which you can gurentee that always be uptodate with each profile, and at an extreamly affordable and value for money deal

bombzombie4033d ago

anybody is disagreeing with this statement. It's a very accurate reflection of the current state of things. Frankly, I hope that Blu-ray players get better. Hopefully SOny can incorporate the improvements into future machine iterations. When did gamers become anti-tech advancement?

scrillakiller4033d ago

well obviously u dont have a ps3.yes 14 bluray movies.all i care about is i get the 1080 picture when i put in a movie.dont care about pip or playing a game from the movie with other people.i just want to watch and then go back to playing warhawk

Capt CHAOS4033d ago

I just think that for just picture quality it's not enough of a pure win. You can get very good picture quality with DVD superbit and a descent DVD player, I think everyone is focusing on the visual elements too much and forgetting about the audio elements (another reason why the 360 makes a bad DVD player - too much fan noise).

BulletToothtony4033d ago

that chaos doesn't have an hdtv, because there's a huge difference between the 2 formats, chaos may say that he does but it's obvious when people don't know what they're talking about

ITR4033d ago

I'm sorry but not all movies look that great in HD.
Bad transfers, frame cropping, bad edits, crazy edge enhancement, high grain, no special features.

(HD DVD)The Game: Bad transfer(barely better then DVD) and it only comes with stock DVD special features.
(Blu Ray) Robocop: Bad transfer..even after it go re-minting process and Fox what happened to the special features you promised? (Robocop fan)

What's with all the rush jobs? Even brand spankin new movies have issues.

Mikey_Gee4033d ago

Good to know. I wonder if an update can address this ??

techie4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

yuh it can...didnt realise they were holding it back.

edit: it does support bitstream already...the article is wrong.

ITR4033d ago

I'm not sure it's that simple. Because someone has to pay for that DTS HD decoder and the license to use it on the machine. I have a feeling it'll be passed on to the consumer...which is you and me.

Meus Renaissance4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Omg, now he'll start posting those articles on how HD-DVD is going to win. I'm not a tech buff, as long as my PS3 displays Blu-Ray in high definition, and the movie looks good, and my remote can pause, rewind and play, I'm happy.

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