This PSN Game Is Not Suitable For 10 Year-Old Children

Kotaku writes:

"What's more fun than playing a game with naughty words in it? The answer, of course, is filming your ten year-old son playing a game with naughty words in it, pissing yourself laughing then sending it to us. This is Pain, recently released as a downloadable game for the PS3. And this is Zach, who's 10, and who will now think oral sex is something you get when you're smashed head-first into a building by a DIY catapult".

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Sev4032d ago

Sounds to me like the mother showed him that, she obviously thinks its funny. Just so she could post it on youtube. Some people disgust me, and this mother is one of them.

Who teaches a 10 year old the words ORAL SEX.

The mother better not punish him when he gets kicked out of school, for telling his teacher to give him oral sex.

This is why America is a mess. Terrible parenting that started the past couple decades.

BTW I am American

gamesR4fun4032d ago

chill kid
its just Pain games like pg13 at worst... omg oral sex is so bad esp when they kid doesnt even know what it is lol

Skerj4032d ago

The kid's 10 dude, he SHOULDN'T know what oral sex is. But the parents who think crap like that is cute are probably the same ones who think it's alright for toddlers to start cursing and saying things that they shouldn't be saying. Then they wonder why at 15 that kid is kicking their ass all over the house, and why their 13 year old daughter is a slut with a baby on the way.

travelguy2k4032d ago

i thought oral sex was like phone sex, like when you talk about sex. Its "oral", made sense to me. those were the days...

unlimited4032d ago

Need to chill out. When i was younger then him ill be hearing more nastier words from friends and from my older bros..I bet you the kid can even watch tv and he will hear the word sex..

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4032d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

um I knew what Oral Sex was by the age of 10.

What was there to disagree to? I was only talking from my past, not saying anything else.

Sev4031d ago

Maybe I need to chill because I know at 10 I said and hear nastier words than oral sex.

But my point is most kids dont say things in public that their parents wouldn't approve of, and with a PARENT laughing at it, and recording it, the kid is most likely going to repeat it, and not just with his DragonBall Z buddies, he is gonna say it in public, around another adult because he is a child, and children dont know what is and isnt appropriate.

Trust me this will come back to bite the mother in the @$$

And its borderline child porn, the mom is recording her kid on saying oral sex, and posting it on the net. Net = plenty of sex offenders.

Dpa4031d ago

Agree she is a bad mother. But by that age i had seen pr0n many a time so i don't see really that it'll affect him much.

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Skerj4032d ago

This should be played for Jack Thompson so he can see just how stupid some parents are and start his crusade towards them instead.

DTClown4032d ago

you can also make the DR. billboard flip you off, the guy in the cow costume looks like he has 6 d!cks...not utters. The bikini chick on the roof of the hotel jiggles around when your body is laying on her (after falling on her).

The audience for this game is the JackAss movie/tv fans. period. Would that stupid excuse for a mother send her 10 year old to see JackAss? probably. I know, I KNOW! PAIN isn't a rated R movie. True, but life today itself is rated R. Just watch REGULAR television where words like asshole and b!tch are on primetime shows. Disney has more kids in sexual situations and kissing more than most primetime shows. i won't EVEN start in on MTV!

We are all jacking this country up under the gise of Freedom of everything excuse. Little pre-teen kids are rolling up to me in public places acting like the latest gangster rapper and dropping more F-bombs than you hear in Eddie Murphy's Delirious.

Point is, it is OUR responsibility as parents to deem what is appropriate for our children, not the governments or game rating guide. People, take control of you and your family's lives before the government's lack of a spine turns your children into the next big Springer episode!

shrimpboat4032d ago

I actually like this game. Its a good stress reliever. My kid thinks it is a funny game but he can't spell that word(4 yrs old) and I only play it. I find it disturbing that this kid already knows what oral sex is and is spelling it in games.

gamesR4fun4032d ago

wuts this about spelling?
and whats the big deal with the words Oral Sex?

Chubear4032d ago

That is just simply unacceptable. Disgusting.

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