Rumor: Sony talking Skype for PSP at CES next week

Rumors, in the form of a decrypted firmware, cropped up last February regarding Skype on the PSP. In August, at the Leipzig Games Conference, Sony officially unveiled Go! Messenger – the newly branded suite of VoIP tools by British telecommunications giant, BT – which is due this month. On Sony's event page for CES 2008, the massive consumer electronics expo kicking off in Las Vegas this weekend, they list a curious feature for their handheld: "Call friends, talk trash to fellow gamers or catch up with acquaintances via Skype for PSP system."

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Darkiewonder4569d ago

anything with Sony nowadays isn't a rumor. they cannot hide anything from people.

I read it too so if they plan to change it I took a sreenshot ^^

heyheyhey4569d ago

jesus they are basically turning the psp into a phone which is good for some people but for me skype on my pc is good enough

Ju4569d ago

Woho..hope they considering this for the PS3 as well. Using the Eye. But this would cut heavily into professional video conferencing systems, I'd guess.

ManOnFire4569d ago

I have been using skype for awhile now to talk to my daughter in London and for the most part it works great. If this is true I would welcome it because I would be able to talk to her even when away from the house. I hope its true.

Salvadore4569d ago

I use it to talk to my siblings and uncles in London and America.

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The story is too old to be commented.