The ‘butterfly effect’ could have saved BioWare’s goodbye to Mass Effect

Apparently nobody told BioWare about 'Chaos Theory' and the 'butterfly effect.' Real reasons to consider alternative endings.

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TheSleepyGamer4275d ago

I have a real urge to watch the movies again now.

Godmars2904275d ago

I don't care about the mess that is ME3, but rather what its success will do to the RPG genera. The message it sends to devs that they can cheap out on real role playing elements - not just RPGs - when making RPGs.

I mean while something like Skyrim is a great RPG, its not really a good role playing setting. Not when its so ridiculously easy to break what little actual narrative the game offers by putting a bucket on an NPC's head.

And there are many, many RPG fans who have no comprehension of what I just said. Especially Skyrim fans.

The Butterfly Effect or ME cutscenes?

pangitkqb4275d ago


I haven't really thought of it that way, but you make a reasonable point. Any time something is rewarded monetarily, whether or not the product is good, a precedent is set. Especially if the product is rewarded with a LOT of money. Def food for thought.

TheSleepyGamer4275d ago

I was talking about The Butterfly Effect movie.

I'm not so sure that Mass Effect has sent out a message that devs can skip on some of the more traditional RPG elements, but rather shown that there is room for games that tell a story well.

Mass Effect's story may not have been all that great, but it was shown in a very entertaining and interactive manner that made it rather unique.

In a perfect world we'd eventually get a game that has strong RPG elements and an engrossing story.

Godmars2904275d ago

And I'm not actually talking about "traditional" RPG elements. Rather the potential for the conversation and choices systems which ME promised and have now promptly shat on.

Stat building is great and all, but getting into hot water with NPC girlfriend because you've cheating on her - to the point she becomes a campaign villain - with it all stemming from an organic chain of in-game events Primus would have to print game guide the size of an old phone book just isn't going to happen. No one will even try to get close at this point.

Baka-akaB4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

Yeah we still need games like mass effect , dumbed or not , in a world that wanna pretend , that IA generated fetch quests are progress in storytelling .

Skyrim is great for its strengths , but shouldnt become the standard to go by . Nor should ME mind you

Godmars2904275d ago

That's the thing: Skyrim *IS* the standard many go by. Don't attempt to reach its level but still copy what's preceded to be popular about, rather than take its concept further. Admittedly many can only afford to cheaply copy it. Same will likely apply for ME with the added example of Alpha Protocol which was a copy which apparently did story and choices better, but then flubbed on its TPS aspect.

This is exactly the same reason I'm so cheesed at how FFXIII turned out: generally Square set the JRPG standard, then others tried to emulate it while actually never even trying to get close.

pat_11_54275d ago

Surprisingly, I actually really like the Butterfly Effect as a film.


New Mass Effect Game Teased for N7 Day, and It Shows a Mysterious Individual

Today is known as Mass Effect N7 Day, and BioWare has released what looks to be teasers for the new Mass Effect game.

Snookies1225d ago (Edited 25d ago )

We really need another solid Mass Effect entry. It's a real shame that such a legendary franchise was left off with such a blemish to its overall astounding track record. Andromeda was just not it, don't know what they were thinking there.

-Foxtrot25d ago

Surprised it got a subtitle

I thought after Andromeda they’d have kept to the numbers so people wouldn’t think “oh another spin off”

Unless Shepard returns

Obscure_Observer24d ago

"Unless Shepard returns"

After ME3, Shepard should f* off

Stanjara24d ago

Put a chick in it and make her gay.

Ethereal24d ago

Yes! One of my all time favorite trilogies. Hopefully they do ME justice. Andromeda was passable and had bones of a good game but just lacked the depth and intrigue that the originals had.


Laid-off Keywords workers set to strike outside of BioWare Edmonton

Game Developer writes: "EA and BioWare allegedly attempted to block members of Keywords Edmonton United from protesting outside of the company's office."

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--Onilink--25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

I’m all for protests against employers when treated badly, but I just dont get this at all.
They were Keywords employees, not Bioware’s.
Bioware decided not to renew their contract with Keywords, as is their right to do, for any reason that they want.

If Keywords fired those employees in a wrongful manner after that, the protest should be with Keywords, not Bioware. What is even the point of going to Bioware’s office if they no longer have any association with Keywords.

Its not like Keywords will feel any pressure by them being at Bioware protesting if they no longer have any affiliation with Bioware.

jznrpg25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

It is a bit odd , it seems they should protest outside Keywords but that wouldn’t get them attention as not many ever heard of them I know I haven’t . This site is laggy as F now even with ad blocker


An Update on the State of BioWare

As part of transition, BioWare is eliminating approximately 50 roles.

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robtion101d ago

Well after reading through it I would say it sounds like a complete load of corporate BS.

Meanwhile a bunch of rich EA execs will get huge bonuses for keep the numbers looking good.

thorstein100d ago


Average pay there is 80 -115k.

350 employees.

2021 revenue was 140 million.

30 million stock bonus for EA's CEO last year. His salary is 20 million.

The industry needs to unionize.

neutralgamer1992100d ago

EA games= Kill the studio

Not sure why people keep selling their studios to EA. I guess money is the only factor considered

Ddavis7690101d ago

The majority of them are coming from the union contractors........shocker

LordoftheCritics101d ago

Bound to happen.

Old Bioware doesn't exist.
Old Blizzard doesn't exist as well. That's why we have Season Pass Simulator 4.

Christopher101d ago

250-ish employees working on two major RPG titles and no third-party QC team. Sounds like a recipe for success.