Rumor Mill: Crysis Coming to 360 in November?

January 2nd, 2008 -- Gaming Today reports that an electronic store in Austria,, has among its various listings of Crysis for PC a couple of listings of Crysis for the Xbox 360. The most interesting detail to note here is the release date given for those: November 20, 2008. (Click on the image below to see the full Crysis listings at the store.)

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Capt CHAOS5381d ago

easy(ish) port from PC with lots of rendering options turned down..

MrWonderful5381d ago

maybe this is the big thing gates will announce @ CES

gta_cb5381d ago (Edited 5381d ago )

be careful asking that kinda question, i lost a bubble and got some disagrees because i asked that exact question in that other article about the big announcement lol

but yeah i would like to know aswell pls :)

marinelife95381d ago

Jan 7 - 10th. Although some events will be held Jan 6th. Sorry you received grief for such an innocuous question.

PlayStation3605381d ago (Edited 5380d ago )

why give nick, gta, and marine a disagree. They gave honest questions/answers :(

Wait... O_O does this mean since I commented along them... I will get disagrees aswell? :((

*sadly looks in the direction of the "Disagree" number*

Edit: DAAAAAA..... There it is! :O

Mr Marbles5380d ago (Edited 5380d ago )

I could see this happening, after all 360 does have what many call DX9.5, and the 360s attach rate is tempting to a lot of developers, there is a lot of money in 360 development right now. It would be a quick and easy cheap port, money in the bank. PS3 on the other hand, now that is not likely to happen.

gta_cb5380d ago

lol yep there it is the 3 disagrees that i got... the thing is, the disagrees are complete bullsh!t as i can prove i got disagrees and a bubble taken off me for asking as i can refer to the page with the disagrees and a screen shot of before i asked the question lol. some people on here are soo ... strange

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led10905381d ago

lol it is not coming to the 360 this is probably a mistake

f7ss15381d ago

but i dont see why not it could come to consoles, not as pretty as the pc though

Texas GMR5381d ago

be a timed release, first on Xbox then later(2009) on the PS3, it could be a very strong contender against either Killzone 2 or MGS4.

HarryEtTubMan5381d ago

If it is.. it's on the PS3 too

MK_Red5381d ago

Hope it's true. Can't wait to finally finish Crysis. For anyone who couldn't afford a mega expensive PC to play games, this is great news/rumor. Nice find.

cyprus5380d ago

Lol, mega expensive. You can play this game very nicely on medium-high settings for $650+ pc. And I'm sure it'll run better than on any console.

Bubble Buddy5380d ago

that's not expensive? o_0. people were complaining when the ps3 was 550. A pc is diff but u gotta keep upgrading it.

f7ss15381d ago

see this happening, but it probly wouldnt be as pretty on the pc as usual. its likely that theyd make a ps3 version too